The Pokemon Champion

The Pokemon Champion

Being the champ has its perks

Chapter 1 by dirty1992 dirty1992

Well well fancy becoming the Pokemon champion. You must have worked hard, the sweat, the tears, the hardships and of course all that training with your Pokemon,what a trainer you have become to be able to hold the title of Pokemon champion. Still i guess you can't help but notice that really being champion is not what it all cracked up to be?

Constant challenges, still travelling around like a nobody plus no more meaningful challenges. Sure you could try to catch all the pokemon but what would be the point? You have the Pokemon you need plus you where sick of travelling from one place to another earning petty cash by going small jobs so you could eat or pay to catch a ride to the next town. No that would all stop. You are the pokemon champion for god sake your the best of the best so why should you keep travelling around looking for pokemon you know will only end up clonking up in a lab for the rest of it's life, no that time is over instead you wanted something different something like the love of one of the many females or males you meet on your journey.

Yes being alone all this time you had to have someone with you. After all what good was being champion if you could not at least get some sexual attention? In the end you made up your mind, your were to travel your region once more this time in search of self satisfaction the question of course dear champion is did you do it thinking of others or by forcing your want upon any poor soul you took a fancy too?

Light path: Being a good guy/ lass (Choice of sex in next chapter) Trying to find true love in your region

Dark path: Being a bad guy/lass (Choice of sex in next chapter) Forcing anyone to satisfy your sexual needs.

Light or Dark?

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