The Orc Queen

The Orc Queen

Satisfying the Lady of the Horde

Chapter 1 by HotnHornyGuy HotnHornyGuy

Rohkella felt anxious, and not in the good, usual way like just before a battle. This was more like when she first became chieftain of her clan, the Stormhounds, and had to make her first speech to get them riled up enough to take on Bloodaxe clan. She didn't like to be this kind of anxious, but then she was the one to have this arranged, or rather ordered, in the first place. Brushing a strand of black hair out of her face with a toned green arm, she looked over at her axe resting against teh wall, wishing she could use it to solve all her problems. Rohkella needed this, though, for many reasons. Somehow, since taking over her clan, she had gone on to gather quite the Horde, other clans pledging their allegiance to her as she achieved greater and greater success, until she found herself at the head of an actual army. One that now marched towards the Human Lands, whether she liked it or not. As much as she thirsted for conquest, Rohkella knew that leading her people on an eternal rampage was not possible. She needed to look towards building a kingdom, something she doubted many of her kind could even grasp doing, but then she had always been different from her peers, as to be expected of someone of her strength and power. The lands from which they came could not support a sizable population, hence why they would often fight one another, but the Human Lands were different, a proper society could be founded here, yet she knew that her kind lacked the capability to do so on their own, they would just descend upon the land like parasites. They needed to be taught, they needed to be guided. This was part of her problem, the Orc problem, and the solution was what was making her anxious. Trying to focus, she took up her axe, which she had used to slay many a foe, and many a presumptuous mate as well, and took to sharpening its blade once again.

As part of her plan to create an Orc Kingdom, she needed to set up a dynasty to rule them. Rohkella was pure Orc herself, but a normal Orc would not do, she wanted something 'more'. Since Humans and Orcs first met, there had been a growing number of what were being called 'Half-Orcs', combing the greater mental faculties of Humans with the physical prowess of the Orc. From what she understood, Humans also had 'Mages' who could cast magic, this capability being passed down their bloodlines, and it was something she wanted to add to any dynasty she left behind. And, well, there was one other reason: Orcs were renowned for their physical prowess, but actually there were aspects of that prowess that were rather 'lacking'. For all their prodigious strength and amazing stamina, the males were rather, well, 'small' in other places, and as such breeding was more of a bore for the female, with "Is it in yet?" a common question during their sexual encounters. Human males, on the other hand, had quietly gained a reputation among female Orcs for being rather large there, and most of the Half-Orcs were born to Orc mothers. Rohkella had heard they were well over 2" when erect which actually scared somewhat, though she would never admit it. Despite being one of the most powerful Chieftains known, there were some needs that she had not been able to meet, and her lust was one of them.

Her horde had setup camp in the caves outside a small Human town. The townsfolk were terrified and hid behind their walls, though their leaders had come to talk as requested. She had made her demands very clear, and the Humans had acquiesed to all of them, though they had been somewhat confused. The Arch Mage refused to be the one to come mate with her himself, though considering how old and decrepit he looked Rohkella would not have wanted him anyway, but he agreed that she could have one of his apprentices, one that should be arriving shortly, hence her anxiety. She had seen the Wizard's apprentice arrive from a distance, she had looked from her perch just outside her cave as he arrived at the camp entrance. He looked so small, pale, dressed in robes that seemed to be too large for him, with a messy mop of brown hair, like one of those virgin damsels in those Human stories that get fed to a dragon... and she was the dragon they were feeding him to. This made her smirk, and her anxiety went down, or rather changed to the more familiar anxiety she felt just before battle. She is the Chieftain, she thought to herself, she is the one in control here. She IS the dragon in this tale, and she plans to feast well...

Alfred trembled as he was escorted rather roughly through the camp towards the back were a series of mouth caves opened up in the stone wall. He could not believe what Master Xitos had said upon his return from meeting with the evil warlord. That it was not only a female seemingly in search of a mate but that his master had agreed to hand him over to her to use as she saw fit! Then again if Master Xitos was to hand over any apprentice it would be him he realised: despite being told that his Gift was quite strong, nothing Alfred did seemed to earn his approval. It didn't help that he was male, as Xitos was known to favour his female apprentices more, especially those who would 'look after' him when he retired for the evening. And now, here he was, cast into a pit of monstrous savages, all of whom were looking at him like they were going to rip him apart right there and then.

Yet, he did not really have a choice, once he realised that if he did not hand himself over then the town would most likely be razed to the ground, then his stupid conscience would not let him cower in his dormitory, though he did try to. At least his sacrifice would save the town. He found himself getting out of breath trying to keep up with his 'escorts', and looking at them he wondered what possible use a Orc Queen would have for someone like him when she had such large brutes at her beck and call. They reached the caves, and started climbing up rough hewn steps to the topmost cave. As they approached what Alfred realised to be the cave he was being brought to, panic started to well up inside him and yet he kept walking. Reaching the cave, one of the escorts tapped on the fur hide hung up over the entrance, and Alfred heard a voice, clearly Orc in his gutteral tone but different, more feminine, more authoritative, respond in kind. The escorts shoved Alfred toward the door and, taking a deep breath, he pushed the hide curtain aside and entered.

He didn't really know what to expect as he entered, but Alfred had been expecting the worst, and the axe sat across the lap of the Orc before him seemed to prove that the worst was indeed about to happen. He found himself before a rather stocky, well toned and immensely strong female Orc clad in tough leather armour with spikes attached to wherever it seemed most dramatic. Black hair framed a greenskinned face with red eyes that fixed Alfred with an intense stare as he cowered slightly. Yet, even when scowling at him, Alfred found that he thought her face was actually quite attractive, an observation that surprised him simply because he thought he would be too scared to even notice. The leather squeeked as she stood, still grasping the axe in her hands, as she looked Alfred up and down like one would a horse.

What happens next?

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