The Mad Scientist's Gift

The Mad Scientist's Gift

Old friends give the best presents.

Chapter 1 by CLITaurus CLITaurus

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File ZXDD457-369

Record of interview with John Doe

I: Mr. Doe

Doe: John will do.

I: John please start at the beginning. When did you first meet Doctor Dominus?

Doe: Ernst

I: Sorry?

Doe: Ernst. That was his name before he started calling himself “DOCTOR DOMINUS” and running around with his stupid cyborg apes trying to take over the world. Ernst Bratfield.

I: So when did you first meet him?

Doe: Grade school. He was a scrawny kid who was too smart for his own good. He kept talking to everyone like they were idiots showing he was more intelligent than they were. Even the teachers. That’s probably why they didn’t do anything when the other kids beat up on him.

I: Did you beat up on him?

Doe: No! I’d been taught that just ‘cause someone is smaller than you don’t mean you go beating up on them. That’s why when the other kids did I stopped them. I was big for my age so when I stepped in the other kids backed off. I got in trouble for bullying, of course, but I knew I was in the right.

I: And how did Doc … I mean Ernst react to this?

Doe: He thanked me and said if I kept “the other gorillas” off him he’d help me with my math. And he did. He didn’t do it for me but he helped me understand it. Then the next year he got to skip ahead and once he left for middle school I never saw him again until he sent me the package.

I: Let’s talk about the package, shall we?

Doe: O.k. so this package appears on my doorstep. My name and address so I take it inside and open in and inside is this smartphone and one of those blue-tooth earpieces along with a note that says “put the earpiece in first then turn on the phone” so I do. This face come up that, at first, I don’t recognise then he says “Hello old friend” and I realise it’s Ernst. “I’m in a bit of trouble” he continues “Authorities catching up with me and such. I’m going to have to abandon this lab and go on the run. Thing is I need somewhere to back-up my research and data, somewhere the Feds won’t look. So I’ve chosen your brain. The earpiece is downloading all of it as we speak. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe. Tried it on the chimp and he’s perfectly fine.” Then the image shifts around to this thing that looks like a bald albino chimp who is packing clothing with a cybernetic arm. Then the chimp turns toward the camera and he’s got camera lenses for eyes. “Your fine. Aren’t you” he asks this cyborg albino chimp who gives him the thumbs up. “Now don’t take the earpiece out until the video finishes” continues Ernst “or it’ll screw up your brain. Just sit back and listen. In return for doing this little thing for me I’m giving you a present. This phone contains a number of applications, some of which I use myself and some of which I have no need of because they are too … localised to help in my work. Anyway, you seemed to need them more than me so I’ve given them to you.”

The First App?

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