The Laundromat

The Laundromat

An adventure at the Laundromat

Chapter 1 by Nedward62 Nedward62

You wake up on a Saturday morning, ready to go outside and enjoy yourself. You look at yourself in the mirror. Your name is Brooke Smith and you are a 22 year old brunette with nice and perky DD-cups. Last time you checked you were only 5'5, but you might've grown since then. You stop thinking about yourself and get ready for the day. Unfortunately, when you go to get dressed and find that the only clothes you have left in your drawer are a few pairs of panties, and one skimpy pajama top that is stained with cum. You look to the corner of your room at the mountain of dirty clothes you've been meaning to wash and sigh. You pick up some clothes from the top of the pile, a simple white tank top, some jeans, and some plain white panties to go along with it. You decide to skip on the bra, since most of those are at the bottom of the mountain. You pick up a basket, fill it with clothes, slip on some flip flops, and head down to the apartment's laundry room.

Arriving at the laundry room, you see an out of order sign on the door. You sigh again, thinking how inconvenient this day has been. You walk to the lobby and go outside with your dirty clothes and walk down the block to the local laundromat.

As you enter, you immediately notice three people inside. There is one guy sitting next to what you assume to be his machines. He appears to be rather tall, but you can't tell much about him from the angle he is at. There is also a blonde woman in the corner loading up some machines. She appears to be rather young, looking 25 at the oldest. Finally, there is one bored looking attendant who is overall rather scrawny, and is probably around five foot seven.

What do you do?

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