The Hero

Superhero vs. Villainess

Chapter 1 by Vanilla91 Vanilla91

You are the Hero in this story. A renowned crime fighter in New York City. You have dealt with some of the worst villains in your time. Yet you always come out on top. You're experienced and served as a super crime fighter for about five years. You're a thin guy, but you've got innate superstrength.

Your real name is Kyle Katarn. Mega rich, you inherited vast sums of wealth. The CEO of a successful international corporation, you control the company, delegating work so you can be the Hero. You socialise with the elite and you're popular with women. Gifted with superstrength, you don't work out. Can eat what you like as you're naturally skinny.


Alias: The Hero - Powers: Superstrength.

Frame: Tall and thin with small shoulders. A bit scrawny, you've a runner's physique with a natural stamina. Skinny arms and hands but you're massive downstairs.

Age: 25

Style: Simple black eye mask. White t-shirt, blue jeans and gray sneakers.

You have received a letter from one of your greatest enemies, the criminal genius Emma Minova. She built her business empire from scratch. Ruthless, she made billions but money isn't enough. She's a megalomaniac. She is behind much of the crime in the city, regularly recruiting villains to carry out her bidding. She cooks up diabolical schemes. Her genuis and sheer drive made you wary of this woman. She wants her name to go down in history as the woman who ruled the world.

You'd finally jailed her three years ago. It felt good to defeat her as she was beginning to pose a massive threat to society. Banks had been robbed and she made powerful allies from all over the world. You had begun to regard her as a huge threat your own standing as a hero. Questions by the press were being asked when it took you ages to find her. This was unusual because you're usually confident that no one can stop you and so is the general public.

However, Emma used her influence and connections to secure an early release a year ago. Just recently, you jailed her latest crime partner, damaging her comeback. They tried to kidnap a UN council member. You were almost certain she planned it but there was no evidence. The cops are scared to touch her anyway. You'd like to interrogate her but she's notoriously hard to find.

In the letter she has announced her surrender, leaving a location and time. You know she's up to something, but even if she's lying, it would be a good opportunity to find a clue to her whereabouts.


Alias: Ms. Minova - Powers: Genuis.

Frame: Average height. Big breasts. A huge ass. Her arms and thighs are wide and untoned, but not overweight. She used to be in really good shape but age and genetics caught up with her. Despite her slightly chubby and soft appearance, she still works out and spends a lot of time in the gym.

Age: 41

Style: Glasses. Wavy hair kept in a shorter style. Dresses smart like a powerful politician. Wears expensive shoes and jewellery.

What do you do?

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