The Family Winter Cabin

How close will they get?

Chapter 1 by Hobogluggins Hobogluggins

The cabin was huge, you notice. Easily bigger than your dad said it would be.

“I thought you said it was a small family cabin.” Your mother, Eva said. The forty five year old blonde bombshell said as she got out of the truck, the snow crunching under feet.

You dad walked to the back, opening the cover and pulling down the tailgate to get everything out of it. “I mean, Gene did say that it was. Then again, his family is freakin huge.” Your dad was a little older than your mom. He was the spitting image of you with a little gray in his hair and the beginning of a dad bod.

Your sister slinked out of the truck, she was about a foot shorter than you “God… this is going to suck.” She was looking at her phone, “are you telling me there is no reception up here?”

Your dad shook his head, “nope.” The smile on his face was from ear to ear and you rolled your eyes. You followed everyone as they walked inside. The rustic cabin was nice and you are finally glad to get away from the city.

Everyone kicked the snow off of their shoes as you came in from outside. The living room was massive, with large windows and a fireplace in the middle. A seventy inch tv sat above it. There was wifi here, but it wasn’t great. After the family settled in, Your dad looked around, “well, it's getting late,” he said, “do you want guys want to watch a movie?”

What's next?

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