The Dream Sect

The Dream Sect

a cultivation parody

Chapter 1 by ANIMEFREAK9999 ANIMEFREAK9999

This story would be different compared to my other stories. NTR chapters will be marked and can be skipped easily. I will add summary if required.

The tournament was finally starting to near its end. As I stood upon the arena for the last battle I felt a strange tingling sensation.

The opponent for today’s fight was a disciple of an Inner sect elder.

Mugen was his name. His cultivation base was still at the foundation establishment level which was the reason he was still in the outer sect. Despite his young age, his technique was extremely solid. I should not underestimate him.

As we were preparing ourselves, I thought back to the first time I arrived here. It has three years since I came to the Dream Sect. As a poor orphan I never got any opportunities in this world. People looked down on me because of my status. My whole life was filled with hunger, poverty and loneliness. But when I was fifteen everything changed. I found a hidden manual in a cave. It was titled the ‘Devouring Technique’. When I learned it, I could feel myself growing stronger day by day. Every single fight or spar I won increased my strength rapidly.

I didn’t know why this technique existed so low in the ranks compared to others. There have been countless manuals stronger than mine that exist as high as core formation stage. And yet mine was ranked much lower and harder to cultivate compared to those. Despite all that though I am happy I found it. If I didn't find it, my life would've never changed. My eyes met the gaze of Xiulan and she gave a slight nod before turning her attention to the other side of the arena where Mugen stood. He wore robes that showed off his rank proudly. He sneered towards me from the other side of the arena.

I can see that he did not respect me.

It did not matter in the end. My goal is the inner sect. I cannot lose no matter what. The crowd started to quiet themselves down before a sect elder appeared and said loudly ‘Let the finals begin!’ With that we rushed forward towards each other.

What's next?

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