The DeVille's

The DeVille's

The Good Neighbour

Chapter 1 by ServantOfLilith ServantOfLilith

It was a bright sunny afternoon in the tranquil town of Blanton. Stanley DeVille stepped out onto his front porch and bathed in the sun's glorious rays. After a few blissful moments, he turned back towards the open door as he called out "Honey, I'm going next door." After a few moments, he heard the melodic tones of his wife as she responded: "Ok babe, give Steph and Annie my love." Stan stepped down from his porch and walked across the lawn as he approached his neighbour's house.

Stan crossed over onto the next door neighbours' well-manicured lawn, admiring the clean two-story house in their friendly, quiet little town. Blanton wasn't the sort of place you heard about on the evening news. It was peaceful, uneventful, and relaxed. Ask anyone on the street what the murder rate was, and they'd look at you with a puzzled grin. Try talking politics, they'd just shake their heads and laugh. In a word, they were innocent.

A sly grin crossed Stan's lips as he approached the neatly laid out porch of his neighbours. After a few minutes, he steps forward onto the Michelson's porch. Stan cast his gaze back as he took another long look at the serene neighbourhood around him. Raising his hand he knocked on the door in the cute little beat, both his wife and daughters recognized. The door opened a crack, and he walked inside.

Stan's daughter Christina closed the door behind them, once they were alone she snaked her hands around her father's broad back and rammed her sinful tongue down his throat. Stan snarled in delight as he grabbed his daughter's delectable bubble butt in his large hands before pulling her nude form against himself. Christina moaned into her father's mouth as her triple pierced tongue wrestled with his. The pair writhed in incestuous lust as Christina's ample breasts mashed against her father's muscular chest, her nipple rings denting his skin.

Christina wrapped her supple thighs around his waist and pulled her whole body onto her father's, clawing his back with her long nails when he slipped a thumb into her tight asshole. Stan's whorish daughter purred in delight as she briefly nibbled her lower lip in silent ecstasy before parting them to mewl "Mmm, daddy." Stan snarled menacingly before he parted his sleek lips to speak "Have fun, little slut?." Christina dropped her father a sultry look as she ground her hairless, pierced cunt onto his hardening cock in response.

Stan parted his lips to release a guttural snarl as he asked: "Are they ready for me?". Whilst waiting for an answer he brought one of his daughter sizable hooters up to his mouth and sucked on the turgid nipple. Christina barely held back a blissful moan as she parted her sinful lips to respond "Ohhhh yea... They'll fuck all night, " her predatory eyes glinted, "And they'll give you anything you want."

Christina groaned as she felt Stan lightly bite onto her exposed nipple. Stan grinned to himself as he lowered his whore of a daughter to the ground. She licked her full lips before grabbing a quick squeeze of her daddy's erection that was ready to flow over the waistband of his trousers. Stan turned towards his sinful daughter as he parted his lips to snarl "Tell your mum and Jessi to start dinner without me." Christina nodded obediently as her father continued "Make sure no one snoops around, ok princess." Stan slapped Chrissy's shapely ass, she purred in response as he walked off down the hallway leaving her to get dressed.

Who Do We Follow; Christina or Stan?

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