The Cult of Eros

The Cult of Eros

"A simple trip to Greece."

Chapter 1 by IncestDemon IncestDemon

(This is my first story so feedback is appreciated.)

Ever since you were young, you really enjoyed reading mythologies whether it be Norse, Egyptian, what have you. You were a great admirer of the stories that came from them and the Gods they spoke of. Your favorite mythology however, was Greek Mythology. Mostly it was the Greek Demigods in the stories which you enjoyed the most such as Heracles, Theseus, Orpheus. You tried to imagine being the son of a God, the power you could have if it were so, but at the end of the day you knew that was just a silly dream, but the one thing you’ve wanted to do was to go to Greece, and thanks to your dad you were now going to. You have been studying to become a surgeon like your father and have finally gotten your bachelor’s degree. Your sister, Susan, has also graduated High School and so for the summer your father arranged for a trip to Greece. You and the rest of your family are now sitting in an airplane leaving from Little Rock, Arkansas. You and Susan are sitting behind your parents. The flight is going to be roughly 14.5 hours how do you choose to spend your time?

How will you spend your flight?

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