The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make

Which Sexy Girls to Hook Up With?

Chapter 1 by daciasdesire daciasdesire

You're a young guy in senior high having just recently turned 18. Most people hate going to school, but you love it. Each day you get to look at some of the drop-dead gorgeous people who go to your school in the centre of the city. Not the least of which is a girl in your accounting class called Katherine and your next-door neighbour Rebecca. The school's media teacher is also a very hot lady.

You're walking down the hall one day when you notice a slip of card on the ground. You bend over and see that it's a ticket for the Korn concert tonight. Awesome! You hurriedly put the ticket in your wallet when you remember that there's a school dance on tonight. Bugger!

You spend the next two periods trying to decide between going to the Korn concert or the school dance tonight.

What do you do?

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