The Cheat

A Power to make life easier

Chapter 1 by ReaperofBalance ReaperofBalance

We all know about cheats and cheat codes, game hacks that make a game easier or at least more amusing for the player to enjoy. We've also seen the manga/anime where someone gets isekaid and they get some boost to power to make up for things happening.

Well now we got a similar situation, only you don't have to die to get the cheat.

Whether it's from a deity wanting to reward you.

A deity using you to get some enjoyment.

Some artifact that gives you the power/cheat.

Maybe a mutant power.


You somehow ended up in a video game and you know how to activate/unlock the cheats.

It doesn't matter.

The point, is that you've now got free roam to use and the cheat as you please and have as much fun as you want (we're all hoping for some sexy fun of course, but no reason you can't have other fun as well)

What is the cheat? Shit... there's literally hundreds of options that it could be.

Be level 1 with level 1000 stats.

Have 100,000 skill points to use at the start.

Automatically master any weapon or magic you try to learn.

Steal people's skills, magic, and powers.

Never get tired or worn out.

Have infinite mana

Have infinite ammo

Turn on God Mode

0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 Second cooldown time for skills, abilities, and powers.

God tier power in a mortal body.

Start at level 100 while enemies start at normal level

Infinite money pouch (meaning it holds an infinite amount of money, not that it can hold as much as you put in)

Infinite knowledge/You know everything.

Impervious to magic, the , mutant powers, super powers, or whatever is applicable.

Titanic Mastery of a skill.

Max out Companion loyalty/influence/affection/whatever term instantly

World hopping: Just go from world to world doing whatever shit you please.

Realm Creation: Go from place to place and bring whatever you want back with you.

Perfect Stealth.

Ultimate Gamer: Gamer character with the ultimate potential.

Cheat Unlocked: Unlocking more cheats the better you do in various areas.

Perfectionist: You do everything you try to do perfectly.

Cheat Suit: A suit that boosts you over time and gives you bonuses the more you feed/upgrade it.

Beast Master: All animals must obey you.

Born Persuader: You can make a person believe they're naked even if they're wearing a full set of clothes, you're just THAT convincing when you talk to people.

Maintain Humanity: Doesn't matter how many powers, upgrades, and mutations you get, you'll still look perfectly human.

Mirror Guard: Bounce back whatever is sent at you, no matter what it is.

S rank servant(s): Have an all powerful and devoted servant when you start at base level/power.

And there are hundreds if not thousands more.

Also, perhaps you're a character and just unlocked that cheat.

You could be Naruto with Chakra Mastery or infinite Chakra or he's a true master of the "talk no jutsu" meaning he can talk people into anything.

Maybe you're Natsu and you've got beyond a dragon's capabilities with fire.

Ichigo with perfect swordsmanship and spell usage.

Ainz with all of his friends' powers, skills, and weapons at his disposal.

Ben 10 with a mastery of the Omnitrix beyond what Azmuth thought possible.

Be Luffy at the start of the journey with all the powers he's got now.

Be Revan at the start of KotOR with all your powers and skills back and better than ever.

Or be you in one of those worlds, maybe you did get Isekaid but no reason not to have fun and enjoy.

The choices are numerous and the potential is limitless.

So what's it gonna be?

(Public story, add as you please whether in first, second, or third person)

So who's got a cheat and what is it?

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