.The CD Orgasm

Chapter 1 by 652308 652308

Nancy and Alice were Identical Twins they were both 5ft 7 with slim curvy bodies 32B breasts sparkly blue eyes and very light brown hair. They both loved to wear tight clothes to show of their sexy bodies. Being Twins they were ever so close they shared a bedroom and would talk to each over about everything. When they were younger they would help each other masturbate and from time to time they would try and catch their brother Craig who was a year older masturbating well come to that they still did.

Today is the Twins 18th Birthday. The girls were up in their bedroom lounging around on the beds chatting about boys and stuff. When Nancy remembered the CD that Craig had given them as part of their birthday present, It was not labelled as to what was on it when they asked him he just grinned and said just play it. The Girls decided that they had to find out what was ont the CD.

Nancy puts the CD in the player as the CD started there was a strange kinda high pitch sound. Nancy's legs buckle under her as she started to have an instant orgasm she looks over and sees Alice on the bed moaning and writhering in the middle of an orgasm. both girls can feel the jucies flowing from there virgin pussy's and have both got a clear wet patch in the crotch of there jeans. breathless Nancy manages to turn off the CD ending her's and Alices orgasms. they sit looking at each other in amazement woundering if they should play the CD again'

Do the girls play the CD again or dose Craig go to see what the moaning was

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