The Border War

The Border War

And Beyond

Chapter 1 by Innsmoth Innsmoth

Many millennium after the first humans began to first colonize planets, they have grown and spread out through the stars. Creating outposts, companies, and empires. The Dagon sector is home to these human influences, one such influence is the predominant government over the western side of the sector, The Ebronn Republic. Once a minor country on the costal planet of Gea IV, it has since risen to a coalition of several planets. Governed by the Brass Council, it is famous for its large size, and its military prowess.

Raithilim is an empire that reaches near the Ebronn border, based around the Raithilim religion, with the emperor being revered as the vessel of Rathil Eas'Treas, the world eating serpent.

The beginning of this war was a mere accident, Jorald Kane, a minor Ebronn diplomat, sent to the planet Ymir, near the Raithilim border. Kane was unaccustomed to the hardworking simple people of Ymir, and had notable troubles trying to govern and regulate a planet so far from the Ebronn capital world. These issues came to a peak when he ordered people to work on Raith'istal Alonil, a Raithilim holiday. This greatly angered the people of Ymir, causing them to revolt against the perceived injustice. In reality, however, Joran was just unaware of the holiday, and his fellow advisers failed to tell him of its importance.

The revolt pushed the Ebronn authorities out of Ymir and immediately requested to be a part of the Raithilim empire. The Raithil people, already anti-Ebronn, called for action against the heretic republic that denied people their faith. This uproar was finally answered by the Raithilim emperor himself, Gersis iv'Rathil, when he ordered fortifications around the border, and for Rathil soldiers to protect Ymir, as well as to accept their offer of joining the empire.

The Ebronn Republic, in turn, declared war against Rathilim for the injustices against the Republic. The war, since its declaration, has been nothing but minor skirmishes. However, many fear that the first large battle is on the horizon.

You are a Ebrinn soldier, born on one of the capital planets into a middle class civilian family. You entered the Ebronn Academy at a early age. Deciding to focus on your work, you're still a virgin. Exiting the academy, you decided that you were either suited for police work, or the military. After many discussions with your friends and family, you decided on joining the military to join in on the fight against Raithilim.

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