The Awakening

The Awakening

The Outbreak

Chapter 1 by Codchaos Codchaos

I was just laying in bed. It was a normal day nothing out of the ordinary. I'm just some guy named Aaron who always likes to party, and spend time with friends. I had just gotten home from my friends place and was ready to pass out from the long night I just had when I turned on the news by accident when trying to shut of my TV. I saw the reporter screaming that there was an Outbreak. He was screaming about how people were getting infected, becoming sex machines and taking over the city. I shut it of trying to ignore it figuring that it was just some prank, or nonsense that the news reporter was trying to play off. I shut off my TV and headed to bed not knowing what quite to do. All of this talk about a sex crazed disease has started to get me going. I couldnt sleep with thoughts of sexual acts going through my head so I start looking through my phone, wondering who I could hangout with or at least talk to since I had no clue what to do. Little did I realize this was where my life was about change.

Will Aaron call somebody?

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