The Adventures of Miss Bimbo Cumslut

With her head constantly in the gutter, mayhem ensues...

Chapter 1 by Robopoop Robopoop

As far as multi dimensional urban legends go, you are the universe's cumulative manifestation of every mindless dick cream filled male fantasy ever conceived. Your insatiable behaviors know no bounds, and often times, it gets you in a lot of trouble. There is no rhyme or reason to your existence but to empty the balls of every strapping lad or man you come across. Your head is constantly in the gutter and people often say it is a miracle you are even alive with the decisions you have made.

Nevertheless, the universe has blessed you with all the luck and majesty fitting to your name and title. You leave no man unsatisfied and no dick unfucked. No eyes have ever turned away from your enormous boobs and perfect exposed skin. You escape from every sense of imminent or impending doom. Married households and moral justice warriors fear you. You are the legend: Miss Bimbo Cumslut.

Your adventures begin....

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