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Chapter 1 by gunde gunde

Hugo Dacca stood by his desk, looking out past his window at his city, Tharros, his gaze moving from the rich fa├žades of the homes of the wealthy up here on the hill, over the melting pot of building styles which characterized the merchant quarters, past the walled-in Kettle, and at the turquoise colour of the water in the bay. The sea glimmered as the rays of the sun hit its surface, merchantmen cutting through it as they approached or left Tharros.

Tharros was his city, Hugo knew that, but for how long?

A discrete knock on the oak wood doors to his office caused Hugo to cry out "Enter!" and a small, thin man appeared in the doorway.

"Any news, Harlan?" Hugo asked the man.

"No sir, I'm afraid not." Harlan D'Urzo, Hugo's most trusted advisor, replied as he stepped into the Regent's office.

"Damn it Harlan!" Hugo nearly shouted at his advisor as the grey little man came up to his desk, "Regency Day is but three weeks from today! I need that bloody crosier!"

The crosier of which Hugo was speaking was a richly ornamented staff, covered in gold and stones. While the materials covering it meant that it was indeed a valuable item, the crosier's true worth was the fact that it was the prime symbol of the Regent, having been carried in procession on Regency Day ever since the days of the first Regent. Three days ago, the crosier had been stolen from Tharros Keep; its whereabouts, and the identity of the thief, remained unknown

If the crosier was still missing on the next Regency Day, there was a clear risk that Dacca would lose his office, and probably his life.

"I know sir, and actions have been taken to restore it." Harlan replied with a calm voice.

"And these actions are?" Hugo Dacca queried.

"Firstly, I have approved that contact should be made with several free-lancers, and agents are already out looking for suitable ones."

"I'm not thrilled about that, but I suppose that discretion is the key here."

"Quite so, sir. Furthermore, I have sent out or best covert operative to find the crosier. Naturally, she will know who the free-lancers are, and will monitor them as well as conducting her own investigation."

"It's Rhona you're talking about?"

"Yes sir."

"Good." Hugo smiled weakly as he faced away from Harlan. Whether she was aware of it or not, Rhona was of his own flesh and blood, he could trust her.

Outside of the Regent's Palace, life went on as always, the citizens of and visitors to Tharros going about their daily lives, ignorant of Hugo's dilemma.

[Disclaimer: A lot of the storylines in this story, particularly the longer ones, feature an exaggerated depiction of sex, with most sex scene being very long, which also goes for the penises of the male characters (which range from twelve to eighteen inches, and sometimes even longer than that). There's also a lot of anal sex in the story. If that's not your thing, then maybe you should look for something else.

One more thing, if you want to add to the story and you have something fairly ambitious like an actual plot, please get in contact with me first. There's a fair bit of background material that isn't in shape to publish yet, so I can probably help you out.]

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