Tales of Aeriella The Elven Sorceress 5

Aeriella and the Uninvited Guest

Chapter 1 by mattpantyhose mattpantyhose

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Lady Laerinia spent most of the time at her court, but occasionally she ventured into her lands beyond the walls. It was a truly ill luck that during one such excursion her friend Lady Seraphinia decided to pay her a visit. Fortunately Aeriella was present and she had proven many times that she can play the role of the host.

Lady Seraphinia arrived at the head of a column of two dozen riders, she herself was riding a beautiful pale stallion with an impressive black mane, she effortlessly dismounted and approached Aeriella who came down to the courtyard. The noblewoman was a tall amazon-like beauty in her mid-twenties, in her high-heeled riding boots she was as tall as the elf in her heels and that was a rare feat for a woman, she had a flurry of long fiery red hair. There was no doubt that she was a warrior, not a pampered countess, she wore a riding outfit consisting of tight breeches and short tunic. The clothes underlined her strong thighs, thin waist and broad shoulders, but she did not have a manly built, her hips were wide and round, and her breasts nice and firm. Her physique and demeanor screamed strength and confidence.

“Greetings, my Lady. It is a pleasure to host you, my name is Aeriella. Lady Laerinia is temporarily absent” the elf said as she curtsied. Herself she wore her customary revealing little black dress, sheer black pantyhose and a pair of golden strappy sandals on thirteen centimetre heels.

“She usually is when it’s necessary to be present” the words sounded harsh, but Seraphinia smiled as she said them, so the apprentice considered them a jest “so you’re the fabulous Aeriella. It’s good to see with one’s own eye that the tales have not be exaggerated.”

“Whose tale, if I may inquire?”

“Our common friend, Dariush the artifact merchant. I’m sure he hid many details, he always does, but still told me enough to paint a vivid picture of you in my mind. But don’t worry, he doesn’t go shouting it from the rooftops.”

“I hope so. Please, come in, Lady and enjoy our hospitality. You’re men will be taken care of as well.”

“First of all, I need a bath. I feel, like I’m made of the dirt that covers the highway we travelled. It would be nice, if you joined me, I have had enough of male company.

“Of course, Lady Seraphinia. We can go straight to the baths.”

“Don’t call me Lady, when we’re in private. You may be only an apprentice, but you’re already enough of a lady yourself and most likely older than I. My name’s Serra. Do I recall correctly, that Laer calls you Aerie?”

“You do. “

“In that case, nice to meet you, Aerie.”

“Nice to meet you too, Serra.”

The women shook hands and headed for the baths, were the water was always warm and ready.

“I’m exhausted by the travel” expressed Seraphinia “could you help me get rid of all these drags.”

Aeriella was good at undressing, although she seldom did that to other women. She began with the knee-high riding boots, the noblewoman gave a sigh of relief once they were off. Her tunic followed and the elf could notice that her guest was not wearing a bra. The sorceress gently dabbed the nipples, when she pulled the tunic over Seraphinia’s head, the noblewoman’s breasts were not as big as Aeriella’s, but still bigger than could be expected from a warrior. Finally came off the breeches which had to be unbuckled first. When taking off the panties the elf took care to do it slowly and caress the other woman’s long strong legs, since she sensed that was what her guest desired. Seraphinia clearly enjoyed being undressed by the apprentice, she also returned the favour. Undressing Aeriella was easier, but the warrior did not take easy nor obvious routes, after she took the elf’s shoes off, came the time for her little black dress. Instead of grabbing the hem and pulling it over sorceress’ head, Serra grabbed her thighs just below the dress and “peeled” it upwards with both hands. That way she could grope the elf’s every curve, especially passing two big obstacles in form of breasts turned out to be very time consuming. After the dress came the pantyhose, the noblewoman used a similar method. She tightly gripped Aeriella’s hips and peeled the hose down, there were no obstacles on this way, but still Serra took her time. With panties she acted differently, simply taking them off with one swift motion.

The two women, now both naked, walked down the few wide stairs into the spacious bath. The warrior was the first to be washed, just by Aeriella’s soaped hands of course. The elf started at the woman’s feet, the cleaning was thorough and little ticklish as she rubbed the soles and cleaned the spaces between the toes. The apprentice did not stop at cleaning Serra’s feet though, she washed the soap off her hands and gave the warrior a long relaxing foot massage.

“Aerie, you couldn’t have done it better, if you were reading my mind. If you ever want to abandon magical career and become a squire, I’ll be happy to take you under my wing.”

The elf’s only answer was continuation of the massage, she was a true mistress at it indeed, she could do wonders with her palms.

But the feet were just the beginning, the rest of Serra’s body was still “dirty” and needed to be washed. Aeriella soaped her palms and started cleaning one of noblewoman’s calf with both hands, she massaged it a little as well. But it was the muscled thigh she was aiming at, a lot of flesh awaited to be washed there. Aeriella took great care not to omit a single centimetre above the knee, but she also never touched the warrior’s crotch. It was only the thigh she was caressing with her soaped palms, but it was enough to cause Serra to moan quietly.

When the elf was satisfied with one of noblewoman’s leg she moved to the other and repeated the entire process there. After the apprentice was done with the legs, the warrior was moaning openly; Aeriella did not give her the chance to stop and proceeded to her torso, the belly was first. Serra had an amazingly thin waist and her abdomen was flat, but also firmly muscled, the apprentice was glad to notice that all tension was gone from these muscles and if they clenched now it was purely from excitement. After the belly came the back and noblewoman had to change her position to allow the elf to access it, but she did not regret breaking her comfortable stillness. Aeriella not only washed her back, but also gave massage to her neck and shoulders; within minutes all the tension from those muscles disappeared as well. The elf proceeded with washing the warrior’s chest, Serra’s breasts were not as big as Aeriella’s, but there was still enough for the elf’s delicate hands. She began with caressing them with the tips of her fingers, then she softly pressed her digits on the skin, followed by sensitive groping of the breasts. Sorceress also paid attention to the noblewoman’s nipples, first she drew circles around them with her fingers, then fondled them for a while and in the end pinched them gently; she repeated the whole process with breasts and nipples twice.

By the end Serra was moaning loudly, Aeriella quieted the moans with a kiss. Serra was surprised at first, but quickly returned the kiss, she was incredibly passionate, all the excitement built-up by elf’s caress tried to manifest itself in that kiss. The warrior grabbed the elf’s head with one hand and a buttock with another. She pressed the two of them closer and pushed her tongue inside sorceress’ mouth, Aeriella’s own tongue responded immediately and the two fought for supremacy in their joined mouths. When their lips eventually parted, both women were breathless and the excitement built up inside them ever higher.

“I leave my home for a short while and return to such a mischief happening in my baths” Lady Laerinia’s soft voice rang in the humid air.

“You’re late for the party as usual, Laer” it was Seraphinia who answered “but it’s good you came since you owe me a proper licking.”

“I might owe it to Aeriella, I admit, but if I recall correctly, it was you who was indebted to me.”

“Maybe you’re right. Now strip your dark ass and join us here. You look like you need a thorough bath. Won’t you agree, Aerie?”

“Well, there may be few ‘dirty’ spots.”

The drow took her clothes off by herself, since both other ladies were already wet. When Laerinia entered the pool, the first thing Seraphinia did was to kiss her, it was as long and passionate as the one with Aeriella moments before. The drow was not surprised and matched the noblewoman’s passion, the elf caressed their bodies while they were occupied with each other.

“It’s been a while, Laer” said the warrior when she eventually caught her breath.

“We’ll make up for it.”

“You bet we will. But first we have to clean you up, you dirty drow.”

Both elf and the noblewoman soaped their palms and began the caress-wash process, it was significantly quicker, since there were the two of them to do it and they have been in the water for quite some time now and wanted to go someplace drier.

They began with Laerinia’s feet, without the massage this time though, then followed the calves and thighs. Both women knew that the drow loved to have that part of her body smooched, so they fulfilled her desires, the sorceress sat back with her legs raised and spread in a V, while her friend and apprentice caused her moans to grow louder.

When the legs were “cleaned” the women moved to Laerinia’s upper body, her back received just a quick brush, but her big firm breasts were “washed” thoroughly. Four hands were working diligently on them as well as on the nipples. But Laerinia had to pause her moans, which got even more audible to stand up, so the women could “clean” her buttocks and crotch. Aeriella took care of the former, while Seraphinia was the cause of resumed moans.

The bath was meant only as a foreplay to the foreplay, so it ended relatively quickly. There was still the elf, that needed to be cleaned. The apprentice was washed in the same pattern, as her mistress.

The three women came out of the bath, dried each other with big soft and warm towels, put on robes, all of it prepared by the servants, and headed towards Laerinia’s bedchamber. Once they reached the spacious canopy bed, Seraphinia kissed the hostess on the lips just like she did in the baths. At the same time Aeriella kissed… the warriors other pair of lips. The noblewoman was lying on her back, with her upper body slightly twisted so she could reach her friend, while her long strong legs were spread wide to give the elf access to her clitoris. The apprentice did not know what Dariush told about her, but she did her best to surpass the reputation, she used all her talents and available tools, that is lips, tongue and fingers.

Laerinia and Seraphinia eventually broke their kiss and the drow moved to the warrior’s breasts, she was smooching one with her hand, while sucking the nipple of another; Aeriella was still focused on the one objective.

The excitement built up in the baths and current double stimulation was too much for Seraphinia, within few minutes her breathing became heavier and moans louder. When she reached the climax she tightened her strong thighs around the elf’s head, the apprentice kept licking despite difficult conditions. Laerinia leaned back and observed her friend, but never stopped playing with her nipples.

Finally the warrior calmed down and released Aeriella from the grip.

“I’m sorry for that, Aerie. You did such a magnificent work, I just couldn’t control myself. Dariush wasn’t even close to the truth.”

“I don’t mind a little force used from time to time. Yet I believe we can find a way, to make up for any inconvenience that might’ve occurred” saying that the elf laid back and spread her own legs.

That prompt was more than enough for Seraphinia, she quickly made use of her lips. Laerinia wanted to taste her apprentice's talents as well, so she knelt over the elf’s face, the drow positioned herself so that she could caress Aeriella’s body while being satisfied. The apprentice could not use her arms in that position, so was limited to her lips and tongue, she still could work wonders with it. Her Mistress was not the one who only took from others, she tried to return the pleasure, again by caressing the breasts and the belly. She had amazingly gentle and sensitive fingers, but her stimulation was not the main source of excitement for the elf.

Seraphinia was not as gentle as the other women, her fingers were stronger and her moves more decisive, even aggressive at times. But she knew well how to make love, she licked and sucked Aeriella’s clitoris, occasionally bit it playfully and inserted fingers into her vagina. Soon the elf’s body was trembling, her moans were muffled by Laerinia, but were still audible despite the fact, that the apprentice never stopped licking her mistress.

The bond between the two elves and their mutual experience in lovemaking where the reason that they both orgasmed in the same time. It was only then that Aeriella ceased the cunnilingus, she laid her head back, arched her back and cried loudly. Her whole body was trembling while her mistress was having a similarly forceful orgasm still kneeling over her face; Seraphinia watched the two women, as she caressed the elf’s thighs.

After the passion subsided all three women laid back, they kissed, caressed and played with each other’s bodies interchangeably. The noblewoman kissed softly with the apprentice, while the sorceress fondled their bodies, laying an occasional kiss wherever she liked. Then it was Laerinia who was kissing Aeriella over Seraphinia's body, while the warrior caressed their thighs and buttocks. They parted their mouths and the drow leaned towards the noblewoman face while the elf moved to her legs.

They all moved slowly, randomly changing the person and the part of her body that was the object of smooches. They kissed, played with each other’s breasts, caressed the skin of their bellies, thighs, buttocks and every other part of their bodies; the excitement was building up again.

It was Seraphinia, who went for Aeriella’s clitoris first, this time Laerinia left the apprentice’s face alone and instead got between noblewoman’s legs. That round of lovemaking was even more passionate than the first one, lips and tongues were used only in the beginning, soon to be replaced with fingers and eventually hands. The warrior was gently inserting her whole palm into the elf’s vagina, her hands were bigger than average woman, because she wielded swords and shields; that was why she started delicately. The drow was not as subtle, she knew what her friend was capable of taking and how to give her the most pleasure. Quickly she was fisting Serra’s vagina, but the noblewoman, once realizing that there was no threat of harm to be done to the elf swiftly picked up the tempo and soon was fisting Aeriella in rhythm with Laerinia.

Moans and grunts filled the room and the bed would shook, if it was not so solid and stable. Gradually the pace quickened and the shoves became deeper, the moans got louder and grunts turned into cries. This time the women also reached their climax simultaneously, Aeriella clenched her vaginal muscles tightly around Serra’s palm. Despite that the noblewoman kept pushing it in making the elf’s orgasm even more intense. Her own body also shook violently as Laerina’s hand was being shoved into her vagina even faster now. Eventually Seraphinia collapsed on the bed next to the apprentice, both their bodies still softly trembling, their breaths short and heavy. The drow was kneeling in front of them, caressing their long legs, she was waiting for them to regain their strength, because it was her turn to be the center of attention. The two women knew that as well and they looked on the drow’s ebony body with lust as their breaths got calmer and steadier.

Laerinia was laid on her back, her hips were risen, her feet spread wide and put at the height of her head. This way she was completely exposed and vulnerable, but this position had another purpose, the women wanted to have access to drow’s both holes at the same time.

Seraphinia was the one playing with the sorceress’ anus, so she put some lubricant there as well as on her fingers. The drow’s vagina was already soaking wet, so there was no need for Aeriella to use additional lubricant. They both began with one finger per hole each, but that quickly turned into two finger, three and eventually a whole palm. They picked up the tempo equally swiftly, each shove was also deeper than the previous one. The noblewoman and the elf got a nice rhythm, where one was pushing her hand in while the other was pulling out; they were both going deep way beyond their wrists.

Laerinia was soon breathing hard and moaning loudly, she was wriggling and grasping the sheets; she reached the orgasm within minutes. The drow clenched her fists and cried aloud while her whole body shook, both women kept pumping their hands into the tightening holes. Finally the sorceress calmed down, her lovers withdrew their hands and let her lay down comfortably. They both leaned towards her and had a three-way kiss, it was passionate and chaotic, the drow did not even manage to regain her breath and there were already lips and tongues to be kissed and tasted.

Eventually the whole trio collapsed on the huge bed, they were breathing hard, the remains of their passion and excitement evaporating from every centimetre of their bodies.

They lied next to each other and lazily caressed their bodies for a long time, the silence was disturbed only by their now calmed breaths. Laerinia was the first to break it:

“I hope you’re not going to leave tomorrow, Serra.”

“This visit wasn’t even planned. There are two dozen men awaiting action…”

“We can find an occupation for your band. And I could tie you up to the bedpost and make Aeriella force and oath from you. You’d swear to stay here for a fortnight.”

“In that case, I’m leaving tomorrow. I want Aerie to force that oath out of me.”


It was a very pleasurable fortnight. Some female company was found for the soldiers. The three women enjoyed each other’s company, but also were joined by the four drow from Laerinia’s personal guard. But that is a story for another time.

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