Tales of Aeriella The Elven Sorceress 4

Aeriella and The New Servants

Chapter 1 by mattpantyhose mattpantyhose

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The drow dwell underground in a place called The Underdark. Lady Laerinia was a very unusual representative of her species, because she chose to live on the ground, she had left a position of power in a matriarchal society, because she despised its cruelty and complete lack of to empathy and respect the drow had for each other. That was also the reason she tried to take care of other drow who also decided to leave The Underdark. It was an additional benefit if those drow could return the favor.

Four warriors managed to leave their homeland and were trying to make new lives on the ground, Surface dwellers were afraid of the drow so they tended to be hostile towards them. Lady Laerinia was an exception, because she has been well known for decades, the sorceress was also expanding her domain and was thinking of hiring additional guards. Who could do that job better than drow warriors? It was a perfect deal for both sides.

Unfortunately Laerinia was too busy to greet her new servants personally, so she made it Aeriella’s duty to show the drow the court. The elf had always enjoyed meeting new people so was happy to oblige. She greeted them cheerfully:

“Hello. Welcome to Lady Laerinia’s court. My name is Aeriella, her apprentice. I’ll be your guide today.”

The four men seemed to be intimidated not only by the fact that she was a female, but also by her height. They were all rather short, as drow male tend to be - something between 160 and 165 centimetres, the sorceress with her 180 and 13 centimetre heels towered over them. They all bowed their head and one replied:

“Greeting Great Matron” the small capitals were clearly heard in his voice “it will be an honour to serve you.”

“There are no great matrons here. In public you can call me mistress Aeriella and when we’re alone skip the title. What are your names?”

The drow were surprised by the elf’s fraternal tone and words, but most of all by her question; in The Underdark the females did not care about their males’ names. Yet they obediently introduced themselves as Vavan, Tanzerin, Altonven and Selenar. They did not realize yet that the apprentice was not only polite, but also had a perfect memory as befit a sorceress.

Aeriella showed the drow around the court, giving them a good view of all the important places, as well as herself. She was dressed in a short tight strappy dress that exposed both her ample cleavage and long legs covered in sheer black pantyhose; as a sign of hospitality she also gave her hips a good sway.

Since the drow were supposed to be the personal guard to Lady Laerinia (and to a lesser degree also to Aeriella), their quarters were close to the bedchambers of both sorceresses, these rooms were one of the points of the tour. She walked slowly up the stairs to give the men time to admire her long legs, she even made few steps in such a way to allow her short dress to hike up a little, giving a glimpse of her firm buttocks. The apprentice lead the party to her bedchamber first.

“Here is where I sleep, Lady Laerinia’s bedchamber is right behind that wall. Remember this locations well, because you will be responsible for our safety during the night as well. Of course you can protect us not only from behind the door” as Aeriella said the last words she approached the drow seductively. She already knew them well enough not to depend on their initiative, the elf never was the shy one though.

The drow were not sure how to react, they have never been seduced by a female, only given commands; so they just stood there doing poor job of not staring. Aeriella reached Altonven first and gently caressed his cheek with her fingers, then she moved to Vavan and touched his lips with her forefinger and slightly parted them, next she stepped towards Selenar, lifted his chin and blew him a kiss, Tanzerin got also caressed on his cheek. Neither of them reacted, it upset the elf somewhat, she understood their reserve and did not expect them to immediately jump on her, but she got a feeling of uneasiness. The sorceress did not want to make the men feel inadequate, but some things were better clarified quickly.

“I’m convinced that you’re masters of sword, but how much experience do you have with women?” she addressed the question towards Altonven who was the one to speak first, when they greeted and seemed to be the most responsive.

“We served our Matron whenever it was required of us.”

“You served her, you say… Come! Let us sit somewhere comfortable and talk.”

Aeriella lead the men to her huge canopy bed, it was wide enough for five people if they lay close to each other. She took off her heels and sat in the middle, with her back resting on the headboard, she patted the bed sheets on her sides.

“Join me and let's talk.”

The drow obediently took off their shoes and sat on the sides of the elf.

“How did you serve that matron of yours?”

Once again It was Altonven who answered, in details he explained the sexual services they provided their matron; occasionally other drow added few words or Aeriella asked a question.

The male drow were highly trained with the use of their mouths, tongues and fingers, it was not only the clitoris they licked. Matron wanted her body to be worshipped by her minions and so it was worshipping they did, they kissed her feet, licked her buttocks and caressed her breasts. They had never penetrated her vagina though, not even with their fingers, they had never used their penises with a woman.

“What?!” the elf was outraged “your matron wasn’t cruel. She was simply stupid! Even if she didn’t care about your pleasure, she also forsook her own. You will use your penises, I’ll see to that! But first I want to feel with my own senses your experience with… caress. Help me undress.”

Apprentice’s dress has already hiked up so high, she could simply take it off over her head. She was not wearing a bra, but her big D cup breasts did not need it, they stood firm and erect without any support. She lifted her buttocks so Altonven and Vavan could take off her pantyhose and thong, she was completely naked, it was time for the men to join her.

When all the clothes were gone Aeriella laid in the middle on the bed with her long legs spread wide, Altonven was the first to show his skills on her clitoris; but the others were not idle, they kissed, licked and caressed the rest of her body, every available part of it.

The drow between Aeriella’s legs was kissing, licking, sucking and smooching the elf’s clitoris, soon she was moaning audibly. At elf’s prompt her lover inserted his fingers, one, two and eventually three of them. At the same time Tanzerin and Selenar were caressing her feet, they began their kisses there and slowly moved towards calves and later thighs. Vavan was playing with Aeriella’s breasts, he was gently squeezing one of it while sucking on the nipples and using his second hand to fondle the other. The sorceress’ breath quickly got heavier and her moans grew louder, it took all four of the drow less than a quarter to bring the elf to a climax. She cried aloud, arched her back and clenched her vaginal muscles on Altonven’s three fingers which did not stop the man from moving and twisting them. Finally Aeriella quieted down and her breathing calmed, Vavan and Altonven swapped places and the whole play continued.

Each of the four drow gave the sorceress a wonderful orgasm, it was as beautiful lovemaking as any woman could hope for; but it was not over yet. The elf promised her lovers something and was determined to keep her word, the men were obviously excited, their sizeable erections leaving no doubt. Aeriella laid Altonven on his back and knelt over him astride, she looked him in the eyes as she put his penis into her vagina. The drow moaned, he did that even louder as the elf turn her hips a little. Sorceress had to raise and lower herself on the man’s penis only several times, before he erupted inside of her, he gave a low grunt doing it. Aeriella continued for a short while, then stopped, but did not slid the penis out yet, instead she bent and kissed Altonven on the lips. The matron did not allow her men to kiss her either, but the drow had talented lips and was a quick learner. The kiss was long and sweet, Aeriella’s excitement began to build up again.

She mounted every men in the same way and they all ejaculated after such a short time, but were rewarded with a similar kiss. The elf anticipated all four of them to be wonderful kissers quickly.

The men regenerated while hugging with the apprentice and caressing her body. When she decided it was time she took Altonven’s penis and got him hard with her mouth, from the drow’s grunts she knew he liked the new experience. When he got hard and stiff it was time for the elf to lay on her back, she spread her legs and guided the man to her love hole. Altonven was only slightly clumsy and quickly found the right rhythm and force of shoves, that got the elf moaning. Few minutes later the moans got louder as Aeriella’s orgasm was coming, when she cried aloud Vavan and Selenar surprisingly pinched her nipples and that simple touch made her orgasm even stronger. Altonven had no chance against the elf’s clenching womb, he shot another load inside of her, but kept shoving his penis until the last drop was out, then he leaned over the apprentice and kissed her. It was only his second time and already the kiss was significantly better, Aeriella was left breathless.

When the sorceress eventually caught her breath first she addressed Altonven:

“That was beautiful. You’re learning even quicker than I imagined.“

And to the two supporters she said:

“And you little devils! That was amazing! I hope you know more tricks like this one.”

This time it was Aeriella’s time for an active rest, before taking another drow she gave fellatios to all four of them, but only to get them hard, she wanted them to exhaust the energy of their loins between her legs.

Vavan was second to go, he also ejaculated only after the elf orgasmed. Selenar and Tanzerin had a similar trick as previous, this time they bit sorceress’ nipples instead. Vavan’s kiss was even better than his predecessor’s, because he used his tongue.

Two other drow also made love to Aeriella, brought her to orgasm and ejaculated inside of her. Each time the two that were fondling her body found a way to enhance her climax, the man that made love to the elf kissed sweetly afterwards. The sorceress was certain that the four drow were going to be superb lovers and did not miss to tell them about it.

The five lovers were hugging closely, with Aeriella describing positions and techniques of both vaginal and anal sex, the latter being another novelty to the drow, when there was a knock on the door. Since it was not the door leading to the corridor, but to the neighbouring bedchamber which belonged to Laerinia, Aeriella had no doubt who was knocking.

“Come in.”

The sorceress stode in mistressfully. The drow was 165 centimetres tall, as all the representatives of her race she had an ebony skin, slim built and long silver hair, in her case they were tied into an intricate braid, changed every few days. Her C-cup breasts were larger than those of an average drow, they stood firm and erect. Her big round eyes were purple and had a friendly look in them which was extremely uncommon among that race. Laerinia was dressed in a long gown that had a deep cleavage revealing significant parts of her ample breasts,the gown was also slit up to the waist, showing off the drow’s whole slender ebony leg. On her feet she wore silver strappy sandals with fifteen centimetre heel and two centimetre platform. The men did not know if they should stand up to attention or kneel down on the floor, Aeriella calmed them down with a gentle touch and told to stay in the bed, while she crawled out herself.

“Hello, my Lady. We’re happy you’ve returned” she said standing naked in front of her mistress.

Laerinia gave them all a friendly smile.

“I see that you’re happy. But I believe my return has nothing to do with it. Have you shown our guests any other room beyond your bedchamber, Aerie?”

“I thought that since it’s the second most important place in the court, they should have a thorough knowledge of it.”

“Second most important? Which one is the first.”

“Your bedchamber, of course, my Lady.”

Laerinia laughed at the joke.

“Very good. I’ll show them that room myself.”

“Could we have a talk in private first?”

“Of course.“

Both women left the chamber through the door the drow has entered, the sorceress in her heels and the apprentice barefoot were almost the same height. Both swung their hips to the joy of the four men. Once the door closed behind them Aeriella explained the strengths and weaknesses of their “guests’” sexual education. She also described what she managed to show them during their relatively short intercourse.

“Thank you, Aerie. You’ve done well. I’ll try them myself. I’m sure you won’t need encouragement to continue the teaching.”

“It’ll be a pleasure, Lady.”

Then the two women kissed, it was a long passionate and sloppy kiss, their tongues battled for superiority and their hands wandered through each other’s backs to rest on the buttocks and grope them firmly. When they finally broke the kiss, both women were breathless.

“- You’re a wonderful apprentice, Aerie. Now, tell the boys to join me.”

As the elf turned around to leave, her mistress gave her a playful pat on the buttock.

When the men entered the chamber, Laerinia was already taking off her gown. Same as Aeriella she did not wear a bra. Her breasts were almost the same size as elf’s, but since she was a lot shorter they looked bigger on her frame; they were as firm and erect as the apprentice’s. Sorceress was only slightly taller than the men when she stepped out of her heels. She admired their lean muscular physiques, while they marveled at her slim yet curvaceous body. Finally she said:

“I’m certain Aeriella didn’t mention one thing to you. She is the absolute mistress at licking clitoris. No man that ever had his mouth between my legs was better than her. But she told me that you actually are. Prove it.”

With these words she turned around and seductively walked to the bed, the men quickly followed. Laerinia assumed a position in the middle of the bed, on her back with the legs spread wide. The four drow maintained the same order as with Aeriella, with Altonven going first. The female drow smelled and tasted almost identically as the elf, the warrior’s cunnilingus was also the same. He kissed, licked, sucked, caressed and inserted his fingers without a prompt, his companions were also doing wonderful job at smooching Lady’s smooth ebony skin. The sorceress was moaning softly almost instantaneously, she reached the climax within minutes. Her orgasms were not nearly as violent as Aeriella’s, her moans got slightly louder and her whole body trembled, she also clenched her vaginal muscles, but not as forcefully.

Before Vavan replaced his companion between Laerinia’s legs, she took a break filled by kissing with Altonven, in her head the sorceress was praising her apprentice’s teachings.

Just like Aeriella earlier the sorceress received an orgasm from each of the males, now it was the time to teach them further about sex. They already learnt the missionary position so Laerinia decided to pick a different one, after she warmed Altonven up with her mouth, she instructed him to place her legs on his shoulders and move his hips closer to her crotch. The warrior was again catching the knowledge on the fly, he needed few moments to adapt his grip and rhythm, but once he got them their lovemaking was incredibly satisfying; as were the caress of the three other drow. The men already ejaculated twice with Aeriella, so there was no risk of them orgasming before their mistress, the supporters used their climax tricks as well, but the first one was different. Once Laerinia reached the climax and her moans got audibly louder, Selenar choked them with a kiss, a very passionate one. He let the sorceress catch her breath only when her body stopped trembling, she was clearly in awe and after few deep breaths kissed Selenar once more. This time they also did not break the kiss, until they were both breathless.

Laerinia’s mouth was put to more use soon after, as she got Vavan hard and stiff with it. Only this time Tanzerin had a little surprize, he remembered Aeriella’s words about anal sex and how their Lady loved it. As the sorceress was giving a fellatio to Vavan, he inserted a finger into her anus, when her moan, muffled by a penis in her mouth, convinced him he was on the right track he added second finger, and then third. This unusual foreplay was suspended when the male drow was ready for sex.

The warrior made love to Laerinia in the same position as his companion previously. The only difference was that the support went for Lady’s nipples with their teeth when she climaxed, the sorceress loved it as much as Aeriella did before her. For the second break Tanzerin was fisting sorceress’ anus and she loved it, so he repeated it during the final break.

Each man made love to Laerinia and had given her a wonderful orgasm, they kissed, caressed and hugged afterwards. When the men though it was over, the sorceress insisted on another fisting session. Since Tanzerin already had some experience he was the one to perform it, for over a quarter he pushed and twisted his hand inside the Lady’s anus, occasionally going as deep as his elbow. Laerinia reached another orgasm this way and felt utterly satisfied when the men left her bedchamber.

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