Chapter 1 by Bondage4u Bondage4u

A singer ends a recent photoshoot, exiting the building a man approaches the 'I Didn't Do It/Cruel Summer actress, "can I get a picture with you Miss Holt, you're an amazing actress...and your music is sooo great": "Sure anything for a fan, how's this" making a kissy face for his cell phones camera app, snapping 3 or 4 selfies, one of her kissing his cheek!

He helps Olivia into the limo holding her hand as she says, "my such a gentleman....maybe I'll see you again sir", 'sooner than you think' as Rob ogles her ass and legs closing the door; Later that night Olivia tosses and turns in bed unable to sleep, her short blue lace frilly nightie and matching panties hugging her 33-23-31 curvaceous, 5'2" 117 pound form. Warm Milk....sleeping pills.....listening to the radio, NOTHING HELPS...."WHY CAN'T I FALL ASLEEP"?

Olivia exhausted finally falls asleep having a very erotic and passionate dream of a mystery man making love to the blonde actress, she cannot see his face though, in the dream she is riding his massively thick shaft before he rolls her over thrusting downwards in Liv's wet beaver: The intercourse is 'mind blowing' better than all the suitors who bedded her, her unknown lover makes her feel emotions no guy ever has, stimulating areas of Olivia's pussy no one ever could OR HAS.

Bringing the 'I Have To Find You' singer to climax she screams "OH GOD YES, FASTER...HARDER I'M GOING TO CUM", after she does he explodes like an open fire hydrant drenching her cunt with his babybatter; She spasms uncontrollably as his jizz soaks Liv's honeypot, it's then his face comes into view...her selfie fan from earlier. Olivia sits up in bed...her body soaked with sweat, her heart pounding & pussy throbbing, she must find her 'fantasy dream lover' NO MATTER WHAT!

What's next?

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