Swtor: The Eternal Dynasty: #Sith Warrior / Bounty Hunter

Join Darth Destructis and Tor Lok as they take what's left and carve out their own Dynasties

Chapter 1 by Ragnockae136 Ragnockae136


In the Eternal Alliance Base are the Eight Outlanders led by Their Commander, Darth Imperious. But in the Cantina is The Last Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, Tor Lok, who is trading War Stories with Fellow Mandalorians Khomo Fett, Torian Cadera, and Mand'alor the Avenger. Tor is the Founder of the ExoGeneral Corp, and the Former Champion and Right Hand of Mand'alor the Vindicated, and Public Enemy Number one for the Republic's Most Wanted list.

Whereas in the Force Enclave is Darth Destructis, where he is Teaching the Eternal Alliance's Force-Sensitive Warriors how to Channel their Passions in ways other than the Sith's Way. Destructis is the Heir of Tulak Hord, a Pure-blooded Sith, and a Master Lightsaber Duelist and Force Prodigy. He was the Emperor's and the Empire's Wrath, and Could single handedly destroy an entire army of Jedi and Republic Soldiers.

But my question is who do we see to first?


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