Swords & Spells: Tales of Sex & Conquest

Swords & Spells: Tales of Sex & Conquest

Conquest gives you the right to rule over everyone and everything

Chapter 1 by 57 57

Welcome to Swords & Spells universe and the world of Gaian and the continent of Eurya!

Gaian is a world very similar to ours, geographically speaking. In it, multiples races coexist in a fragile state of peace. Particularly, in Eurya, mankind flourished in the last centuries, and its clans spreaded all over the world, sometimes coexisting peacefully with other races, like beautiful but vain elves and the stubborn dwarfs, but also clashed with other races, like the warlike orcs and ogres, whom raised its numbers in East Eurya and in other regions of the world. However, the interest of the orcs seems to be now in the western lands, and the war parties are becoming larger in numbers and power, as they invade other territories, like the Gretalyan city states, in the search of resources.

If that wasn’t enough, turmoil rises as King Leopold V of Lynthoria ambitions lead him to plot against his rival kingdom, Drakarya, and the deaths of King Arthur II and his wife Monique Highbrow could be understood as one of his plans. The death of the king make that some drakarian provinces like Whent, Southwall and Gwayn rebel against the new king, Arthur III. So a great war is coming in Drakarya Isle, between Lynthoria, Drakarya and the drakarian rebel nobles, crowned as kings and queens, and supported by Lynthoria, Scorcya and Irlayn, the last ones kingdoms led by Ann I and Christine I, sisters of the deceased monarch, whom desire the drakarian crown for themselves. But despite that, King Arthur III shouldn't forget about the always upcoming visenians, the brave and brutal north humans that live in the other end of the Chill Sea, whom continously invade Drakarya in the search of resources but also in retaliation for the visenian defeat at the Redcrest Battle.

The elves also have some storm coming over them: Cenerond, the dethroned elvish king that worship Mórëer, the god of darkness, and now leads the dark elves, wants to unite all the elves under his tyrannical rule, and with that purpose, he's orchestrating a Third Elvish War. But aside of that, and unbeknowst to Lothrien, High King of the Elves of Langalen, the elves also will face problems coming from the Crestfall lands, where the impure aristocratic vampires are thirsty of elvish blood. It's only matter of time to see how the elvish king and his High Lords with resist the attack on two fronts, without counting the huge orc armies that ventures in their territory after managing to overcome dwarves valiant and stubborn resistance. Finally, dwarves also had serious troubles: the globins are getting stronger, thanks to some deals with the orcs and trolls’ warchiefs. This, with the few but repeated attacks of trolls to northen dwarves strongholds, are weakening dwarves defenses, already debilitated by the division between the dwarves after the Third War in the Mountain.

With this background, Swords & Spells: Tales of Sex & Conquest will follow different characters from their point of view, narrating their naughty adventures in this world of war and desire for conquest. For the moment, I only thought about three characters, Jean Luc, Xenia, and Sigrid, whom follow different factions events: Jean Luc will cover King Arthur's campaing against Lynthoria and drakarian rebel nobles, while Xenia covers orcs raids in other territories (she's from the gretalyan city state of Elysios) and Ghrar's, a young half-orc warchief, ascension to be the Great Chieftain of the Orcs, and Sigrid arc will narrate her adventures through Drakarya and Eurya. But my objective is to develop at least one character’s POV from each race (elves and dark elves, dwarfs, vampires, werewolves, halflings, etc.). All characters actions will be influenced by their background, for example, despite that Jean Luc and Xenia are both humans, they will tell different stories, since while Jean Luc story will develop his adventures with the background of King Arthur the Third reconquest of north and west Drakarya, and vengeance war campaign against King Leopold the Fifth of Lynthoria, while Xenia’s adeventures will be developed into the tumultuous world of the orcs and the rise of the new Great Chieftain of the Orcs, Ghrar Swiftblade, that will bring the Great War and orcs world domination.

After saying that, which POV story do you want to read?

  1. Jean Luc (The Marine and The King)
  2. Xenia (Slave of the Warchief)
  3. Sigrid (Sigrid's Saga)

To end this introduction, I want to thank a fellow user of CHYOA, GenericEditor168, for his invaluable help to develop this story, a long planned project of mine.

Which POV story do you want to read?

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