Superhero ENF

Superhero ENF

Chapter 1 by Charliefreak219 Charliefreak219

Welcome !! This is a story where female superheroes from Marvel and Dc will be striped naked and other humiliating things! This story is purely meant to be fun and for everyone to enjoy iam open to ideas and feedback is really appreciated in short sit back relax and enjoy.

( I will do two stories each day 1 for DC 1 for Marvel)

(Also if you have a certain character or a certain scenario of embarrassment you wanna see or if you wanna write a character or a chapter please feel free to comment or message me also please if you have a chapter you enjoy please give it some likes or comment on it it really means a lot to me.


(Also this story is now open too all who wanna publish chapters.)

What's next?

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