Stoned Mom (illustrated)

Weed shows you her other side.

Chapter 1 by HyperMommy HyperMommy

You are Ian Buckley, a shy 18 yo virgin boy. You live with your parents Mike Buckley and Karen Buckley. Your mother in particular is a beautiful woman in her 40s that you have often found yourself lusting over.

Make sure to change the names before starting!

All characters are over 18 years old.

You lay in your bed, feet crossed, amused by the swirling smoke rising in your bedroom.

You've actually only just started this joint, and can't wait to enjoy your well-deserved buzz. It's actually been a while since you've had the house to yourself to do this. Your dad's at work and your mom is going to be gone for at least two hours. Or so you think...

Suddenly you hear knocking at your door. You panic as your mother enters your bedroom without bothering to wait for your answer. You figure you must have not heard her come home and walk upstairs, while she stops dead in her tracks as she is overwhelmed by the dense smelly fog. She sees you on the bed with the joint, and you stare back doe-eyed like a complete moron. "Shit" you whisper as you put it out haphazardly.

"Ian Buckley, what in the hell are you doing?" she growls, fuming.

"...I-I'm sorry mom"

"Oh God" she cries, sitting on the edge of the bed, "what am I gonna tell your father?"

What should she tell him?

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