Static Shock: The Bright Side

"Keep hope within you and your path will be lit.”

Chapter 1 by D!$N3Y D!$N3Y

A subway train was traveling through a tunnel at a fast pace, about 35 feet underground. The clacking of the wheels against the rails echoed through the darkness. Few passengers were present on board, but a young man of 14 traveling with his father had his head on the window, watching the evenly spaced electric lights zoom past. The father had a distinct look: slightly thinning grey hair, leaving a bald spot at the top, flat cheeks, a medium beak nose, flat medium eyebrows, sharp grey eyes, and thin 'pouty' lips. He was dressed in a cream-colored lab coat over a black button up shirt and a yellow-and-orange-striped tie, light brown dress pants, and white socks in black shoes. His blonde, spiky-haired son listened to an audio book through earphones while dressed simply. He crossed his blue jeans' leg, and looked up at his dad before taking the earbuds out. "Dad, are we there yet?"

"Almost, Leo," his dad reassured. "Don't worry. Dakota is a fine city, perfect for your abilities." He reached under his seat and pulled out a metal briefcase to show. On the front was a danger symbol... "And don't worry. People will like you as you." He then grinned at him. "And your other self..."

Leonore smiled weakly back at his father, as though he were right. "Thanks..." But he turned his face away before putting his buds back in. The scientist frowned and put the case back down, secretly revealing that it came unlocked. Inside was a cylindrical container, full of a purple liquid!

So... What now?

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