Startrek: Starsluts

Startrek: Starsluts

T'pol, 7 and Dr. Crusher find themselves in trouble

Chapter 1 by TheXemol TheXemol

T'pol, Dr. Crusher and 7. Vulcan scientist, Human doctor, ex-borg tactical officer. 3 women from 3 time periods of Federation history. Each bring their own minds, talents and hidden sexual urges.

How they react will change them forever, that is if they can return to their correct timelines.

But who will they encounter? What lengths to which will they go to escape? Or maybe, they don't want too...

AUTHORS NOTE: I'm a huge startrek fan! Anybody who wants to add is encouraged too. I'll write 4-5 chapters a week, with focus on free use of women, cumsluterry, very mild-bdsm with non-consent elements

PLEASE AVOID: Extremely gratuitous violence, (even regular gratuitous violence is permitted) scat or piss play and as a pet peeve,

No furries.

Let me know what else you want from my stories!


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