Softly Strangle

Softly Strangle

Feeling them struggle beneath you

Chapter 1 by meeples meeples

Disclaimer: This story is both hardcore and softcore at the same time. lt was intended to be a softcore and sensual approach to hardcore subjects like rape, choking, and even murder. All that means is that "hardcore" themes like incest, bestiality, blood, watersports, and explicit torture will not be included. (If you want more explicit torture, I suggest something like "Breaking the Amazon".) That being said, despite the lack of the themes mentioned above, this story does involve girls being subjected to terrors against their will. Proceed with caution.

Remember that the things portrayed in this story are WRONG. These acts should be left solely in the realm of fiction and I do not condone any of the violence in this story

Your three powers:

  1. You have increased physical characteristics. Strength, sexual stamina, etc
  2. Anyone negatively affected by your actions will work to cover up those actions, forget those actions, and ignore those actions. If you shoot someone in the leg, they will go to the hospital, patch it up, then greet you the next day as though nothing had happened.
  3. If you will something to happen, no being can stop it from happening, and will even aid you in completing your will if necessary. For example, if you wish to enter the white house, the president will begrudgingly give you the keys while security allows you to pass.

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Where do you want to go with your newfound powers?

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