Sister-in-Law's Defrosting

Sister-in-Law's Defrosting


Chapter 1 by Ritend Ritend


Sorry for the long delay, been off work for a while and believe it or not, I do my best writing at work. But I am back now and will be correcting a few details through this story along with proofing some spelling and grammar blah blah blah. Then when that’s all done, I have a few ideas for this story.

Happy reading!


Walking into the kitchen I notice my beautiful wife Jennifer bent over digging in the bottom of the refrigerator. With her cute little rump of a backside pointing up at me through her untied housecoat displaying her pink lace panties I am reminded of the first time we met.

Senoir year in high school, off on one of many university tours as I was the first athletic full ride scholarship in my family so I wanted to play the field. I walk into a coffee shop across from campus and as soon as I walk in the door my view is greeted by this amazing set of legs that went all the way up and made a perfect ass of themselves. Tightly clad in a tennis skort the shape of her ass was on full display with the flaring flipped up. A little bit of meat for some shape on the backside and tight little hips only accentuating their shape enough to demonstrate their fertility.

Being the brazen, cocky, and smug hockey player I am I pipe up, "Holy shit, if all the coffee shops greet their customers with an ass like that I am sold on this place."

Much to my pleasure the person connect to the sculpted piece of art stood up and before me was a strawberry blonde beauty staring me straight in the eye. Her hair was the middle of her back, waved, and cascading down off her shoulders like a Celtic goddess. Her breasts though only slightly on the small side at a 'B' cup were equally on display through a low cut V neck shirt that gripped her body. The pressing of her incredibly pointy nipples through her shirt demonstrated her lack of brassiere which emboldened me even more.

Without thought I slowly rolled my head with a look of satisfaction and retorted to my own comment, "Look at those nipples. DAMN! Are they two or three smarties high?"

Without warning I feel a hand contact my cheek so hard it staggered me to where I fell into an empty chair at a table by the door.

Stilled and dazed from the slap, from beside me I look up at another woman who is clouded in a haze as my vision has not fully returned yet, "Don't you know women don't like to be talked to like that?" Another girl spits at me with venom to spare as she storms out the door.

"Wow, that was harsh don't you think?" The beautiful angel in front of me calls out to the woman who stormed out.

Leaning in to me she whispers, "Almost four when I really get going. See ya later sexy." And with that she runs out the door calling out for her friend to wait up.

Encircled with the memory, my naturally high sex drive, and enjoying the view of this tightly clad pantied bottom brings my libido to its full height which then causes my boxers to stretch to their limit.

How do I approach Jennifer?

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