Sister's request

Brother loses virginity to sister in one wild kinky night.

Chapter 1 by tid3i3ringer tid3i3ringer

"Please," she pleaded again. Emma was dressed in an incredibly sexy, very slutty Harley Quinn outfit, looking almost exactly like my favourite comic book character, but with a bonus. Her version of the fictitious character was enhanced by a sleek pair of thigh highs, and her sexy toes, adorned only in sheer silk, were in my clear view.

This Friday evening, three days before actual Halloween, she'd arrived home with a surprising request.

"But won't they know I'm not Jake?" I pointed out. She was asking me to replace her ex-boyfriend for the evening. She was obviously desperate, since she'd driven an hour plus to get here from her sorority house and ask... no, she was actually begging me. She usually took everything that life threw her way in stride, but recent events had really gotten to her this time, and this evening's Halloween party was very important to her.

"I don't care. The asshole dumps me the day before Halloween, so I may as well let others know," she answered, looking vulnerable and wounded behind her angry words... just like Harley Quinn often looked.

"I don't know," I said. I'd originally planned to be gaming online all night like I usually did.

"Please," she begged, looking so fucking hot that my cock hardened... just like it often did when I checked out my super-hot older sister.

"Why do you even need me?" I asked her nylon-clad toes. Few people can brag of attractive feet, but there was something very special about hers, especially tonight. Especially in stockings.

"I can't go to a Halloween party stag," she explained. "I'll get hit on all night by creeps who'll think that since it's Halloween, I'll lower my standards all the way down to them."

"Fine," I replied all melodramatically, even though I'd already decided to do it the moment she'd asked. I mean she was inviting me to attend a college party... when truth be told, I'd never even been to a high school party, unless all-nighters playing 'Call of Duty' count. I agreed, making it look like I was super reluctant, "but you owe me, sis."

"Anything," she squeaked excitedly, bouncing up and down in front of me, her big tits bouncing, forcing me to shift my admiring gaze from her nylon-clad toes to her large breasts.

"I'll keep you to that," I warned, watching my sister's tits jiggling.

If she wasn't my sister, I'd be one of those creeps thinking that maybe - just maybe - I could get in

her panties, this close to 'All Slut's Night', which is what I called Halloween. Not from personal

experience, but a guy can dream!

A night where society gives girls permission to ignore their morals and dignity, to dress like complete sluts.

Now I'm not complaining, far from it, and like I said, I had every intention of doing it for her... besides the chance to attend my first party that didn't include a birthday cake, this was going to be an actual college party, I was dressing up like the Joker, and since no one would know we were related, I was going to get the status and envy of being the date for my hot sister... who was utterly beautiful... I mean a twelve out of ten... as besides outer beauty, she was a great person, and please don't tell anybody, she was my best friend. I'm babbling, aren't I? Have I mentioned my sister is really hot?

She was a cheerleader in college, and two-thirds of my nightly fantasies were about her... actually more like nine-tenths.

I know... I know... sick and twisted... but the truth. And again, please don't tell anybody.

I mean, she regularly wore pantyhose or thigh highs, the lace tops which I admired on most days when she was home, since her skirts were quite short. I always knew when her period was, because she wore jeans (which made no sense to me except that she obviously didn't feel sexy during that 'god awful punishment God cursed on women' as she called it).

Between her and my mother, a nurse, I grew up with nylons everywhere, and that was a good thing. They were easily my number one fetish, although I also got turned on by tits and asses... although a girl's eyes, and her legs in nylon were the first two things I noticed in a girl. And my sister's blue eyes were absolutely enchanting, making her look either innocent or sexy depending on how she wanted to be seen.

And dressed as Harley Quinn, her eyes had the opportunity of playing multiple roles. Harley mixed sweet and sexy better than anyone (go watch the new Suicide Squad movie and you'll see exactly what I mean).

Still excited, she said, "I left the costume on your bed, hoping you'd do this for me."

"Okay," I nodded, really stressing the fiction that this was a major inconvenience by reminding her, "but you really owe me."

"I promise, anything," she repeated, looking so excited.

"Okay, I need to shower first though," I said, needing to jerk off before we headed out... my sister as Harley Quinn, her bouncing tits and her feet in nylons really making my balls boil.

"Okay," she nodded as she went to text someone, before adding, "Call me once you have the costume on. I'll apply your make-up."

"Okay," I nodded, checking out her legs in thigh highs once more before heading to the bathroom.

I won't bore you with my shower details, but it sure didn't take long for me to unload all over the shower wall.

I cleaned up, put on deodorant, twice, and headed to my room in a towel. In my room I put on the costume, surprised at how tight the pants were... the shape of my cock was completely visible. I was staring at my cock in the mirror when Emma came into my room and excitedly squealed, "Ready for meeeeeee?"

I looked up from the mirror and caught her staring at my crotch in the reflection.

"Oh my, um, that outfit is pretty tight," she noticed as she looked up... her cheeks going red.

"I know," I nodded, knowing that although I was kind of geeky looking, my arms and legs were actually pretty decently built.

Deciding to play mind games with my sister a bit more, I added "I'm not sure this is a good idea. This costume is super tight."

What's next?

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