Your twisted world

Chapter 1 by Raegay Raegay

I wake as usual, naked and groggy, my room covered in cum from my masturbation session last night. I shove my dildo up my ass again and turn it on high, lets see how mom reacts to this.

You see lately when normally my mom would get pissed at me, recently once i think something like "stop being a bitch and chill out" she then is fine with it. ive learned to refine it to, "nothing is wrong with this" but will it work this time?

"Sweetie, time to get- oh my god!" My moms eyes are horrified. *this is normal and makes you hungry for cum, my cum* this time i want to really experiment. Im in shock but pleased as she shoves her hand in her skirt and fingers herself while getting on her knees.

She licks up every inch of drying cum from the room and my body before getting the bedding and clothes and washing them. "Thanks mom" i mumble as she closes the door.

Now that shes gone guess i should introduce myself, im Raegan le fay, im a trans woman who just discovered the power to possibly change what i am.

Focusing hard i change my hight from 6ft 5 to 5ft 9, i make my chest into breasts at 32c and my waist 23 and finally my asset i shall take most pride in at 36, everything perfectly tight and gravity defying, and my cock i keep, making an internal version of my nut sack that cools my testicles so i can put a vagina and womb where my sac was and have both repoductive organs, then make my cock 9.5 inches long and 3 inches thick, my hait is down to my ass, wavy and thick, red, my eyes blue grey and my skin pale white

What to change next?

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