Sex School

Your parents enroll you in a prestigious private college, not knowing what it was prestigious for.

Chapter 1 by jiggglejelly jiggglejelly

"Jennifer, come on, we're going to go for your college interview!" your mother shouts, waking up you. You groan. Today you're going to Pengina University, a very prestigious university with top-notch education, according to your mom.

You have long blonde hair, blue eyes, and stand at 5 feet 8 inches. Your DD cup breasts and large ass, as well as athletic body make you the most sought after girl of high school. You put on a mid-thigh length dress, and underneath you put on a normal tan bra and a pair of lacy underwear. You quickly put on some make-up and do your hair in a high ponytail, and put on a pair of three inch heels and get into the car with your mom.

Your mom is a doctor at the top rated hospital in the country, and has high aspirations for you. You don't really want to be a doctor. "Remember.." you drone out all her advice.

Soon you arrive at the university. It is pretty large, but you are directed out of the campus. Your mom is surprised. There actually aren't a lot of pictures of the students and the public is not allowed access to the university. You enter the front doors of the admission area, where your mom is taken for a separate interview. "Jennifer Joyce?" asks a voice.

You turn to the voice. It's a hot young male, who introduces himself as John. He has great brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. He's wearing a skin tight top, and a pair of baggy shorts. He smiles at you and gestures you to follow him to a room behind. "You must be wondering why you, who didn't even receive a single A in middle OR high school, got invited into a prestigious university," he says, looking at a file.

You nod your head. "The truth is.." he pauses, "we aren't a university of academic education."

You stare at him, confused. You weren't the brightest after all. "We're a sex school."

You stare at him. "..."

"Yes, we teach all sorts of sexual arts. And we extended an invitation to you to join our school because we thought you would be a perfect candidate, knowing your high school history."

You lick your lips and nod. "Now, we want you to feel right at home as we will give you your tour. Afterwards, you shall have an interview. So, we must warn you that the dress code is either lingerie or nude. We request that you choose to abide by that dress code, but if you would rather not, that is okay," he says, as he begins taking off his shirt.

You smirk, and take off your dress and underwear, folding it on the table. You see his eyes on you, and as he takes off his boxers your eyes widen at his 11 inch cock. He smiles at your look "Feel free to touch it, others might come up to you and touch you on your tour."

You smile, already liking this university. You walk up to him and grasp his cock lightly in your hands, slowly giving him a hand job. He smiles "We'll get to more of that later. Let's get going on your tour" he says, leading you out with a hand on your ass. You shudder lightly as the cold air touches your nipples, and he starts showing you the different facilities. He explains there are different electives that you can choose, for example there is BDSM. There is a dungeon with different BDSM tools, and he shows you other rooms, such as pools, to plain bare rooms, and many others. Soon, you enter a bustling hallway and you see many boys eyeing you. You feel startled when you feel a slap on your ass. You turn your head around, but the boy who did it was long gone. Soon, you finish your toor and he leads you to what looks like a hospital.

He takes you into a back room. "First, we must take your measurements."

He first takes your height and weight. Then he takes his hand and slowly massaging your boobs, measuring them with his hands. He takes his time with that, slowly squeezing your tits, and then he takes a measuring tape and measuring them. "Now I'm testing for the sensitivity of your nipples."

First he bites softly on your right one. He slowly increases the force with which he bites with, until you're moaning. He then repeats that with your left one. Then he has you lay down, legs spread. He first examines the exterior of your pussy, and then he begins prodding your vagina with his fingers. Soon, he's licking your vagina as you moan. He smiles. "Good so far. Now for the last test. I want you to take as many people as you can without cumming."

Without much warning he pounces on top of you, and he kisses you hard on the lips. He then slowly slides into you, taking slow, deep thrusts. As he does so, you try not to play with your tits so you can last longer. Soon, he starts picking up the pace and thrusting deep into you. His balls slam against your pussy with each thurst, and soon he cums into you. He pulls out, and leaves the room. Another person comes in and instead his cock looks bigger. He forces you to take his cock into your pussy and his thrusts are quick but deep, hitting your g-spot every time. People after people come in, and luckily you don't cum.

Who comes in next?

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