Seducing Your Sister

Seducing Your Sister

Try your best to seduce your hot little sister

Chapter 1 by reader230 reader230

It's another average Saturday for you, sitting in front of the TV like an average 20 year old college student home for the summer, flipping through all 200 of your channels yet somehow finding nothing on TV. Frustrated with your inability to find something on TV, you click off the tube and lay back on the couch pondering what exactly you should do today.

You are an athletic guy on your college soccer team. You stand at 6 foot weighing in at 170 pounds of pure muscle. You have short brown hair and light blue eyes. You are popular with the ladies at school but that's hundreds of miles away and all of them are too shallow for you stick with.

As you sit on the couch wondering what xbox game you should play today, your little sister Katie sneaks into the living room smiling deviously and grabs you by the shoulders.

"Jesus!" You shout out as you jump off the couch. The sudden touch scares the shit out of you and as you wheel around you see Katie clutching her stomach and laughing her ass off.

"Dammit Katie! That shit ain't funny! One day your gonna give me a heart attack!"

Katie stifling her giggles feels a little bad. Cocking her hip to the side she replies, "Oh come on brother! I'm just as bored as you ya know! All my stupid friends fucked off to Europe or Cabo for the summer and I'm stuck here with you!"

"What about Yasmin?" I replied with a teasing smile.

Katie laughed and said "Oh I bet you would love for her to come over... you don't think we have both noticed you perving over her?" Cocking her hip to the side she continues "You should just grow some balls and ask her out... But she has work today and you know how our mom gets pretty moody when she is around." Poking your arm teasingly she pouts, "So why don't you get up off the couch and dooooo something with me?"

Looking over Katie's body reminds you just how attractive your little sister is. At 18 years old she just graduated High School. All her years playing volleyball sure made her into a fine looking woman. Standing at 5' 7" with a slim hourglass figure, well shaped 32 C breasts, and long light brown hair framing her gorgeous face. You sure would like to do something with her...more like to her. You always had a crush on your sister as she did not have the hot girl complex so many gorgeous women have. Katie was the sweetest girl you knew, all the women at college could never match her personality. She was very caring and loving towards you...made you wonder if she shared the attraction...

"Hey! Are you even listening?" Katie said, bringing me back to reality.

"Oh! Right! Uhhh yeah of course Katie...I'd love to just let me think about what we should do for a bit though."

Cracking a huge grin, Katie replied, "Ok cool! I'll be up in my room...just come on up when you decide what you wanna do."

With that she hurried up the stairs towards her bedroom, your eyes following her as she walked off. Her short boy shorts and tight tank top left little to the imagination, hugging every curve of her perfect body and showing off her toned legs.

You already decided long ago the answer to your sister's question. What you wanted to do was Katie! To thrust your hard cock in her tight pussy as her body shuddered beneath you. To hear her scream in pleasure and say things no brother should hear his sister say. The real question was how? How are you going to be able to seduce your sister and make her your lover?

So whats the plan?

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