.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks

College Girl To Be... 2

Chapter 1 by niceguy2002tim niceguy2002tim

(June 3rd, 2000)
The New Recruit.
Sarah Banks was about to graduate from high school with honors, when a CIA recruiter came to her school posing as a substitute teacher. The CIA agent, Jack Anderson was a rising star within the CIA and he needed a young woman to aid him in a top secret mission. The agency decided to pursue the beautiful and intelligent, Sarah to help crack the huge case. The school girl reluctantly agreed, but with conditions. Heading the CIA was Special Agent Turner, who promised she could have her pick of any car in the impound lot.

The mission.
Sarah had to seduce Giovanni, the son of Antonio Passini,
a large Mafia boss to gain access to the mob's mansion. Once inside the mansion she had to find some evidence that linked the Passini family to any below the law activities.

The Means.
Using all her charm and sexuality she succeeds by gaining the attention of Giovanni, who is also a fellow classmate. He soon begins to think with his dick and invites Sarah into the mansion. The school girl turned secret agent does everything in her power to exhaust Giovanni. After an amazing session of oral sex he passes out, leaving Sarah alone to explore the house. Sarah quickly finds a document linking the mob to a cargo ship loaded with drugs and illegal arms. The information leads to a huge bust that was 6 years in the making.

The Rewards.
Agent Jack Anderson gives Sarah a special "under-covers" mission. She does more than satisfy the requirements, between the sheets.
For her efforts Sarah was given twenty-five thousand US dollars and her choice of any car in the impound. The CIA then sets Sarah up with a new life in California, for her own safety.

3 Years Later, May 29th, 2003.

Sarah Banks sat at her desk, her eyes were drifting back and forth between the clock on the far wall and the really attractive guys sitting across from her in the classroom. It had been a little over three years since she had worked with Special Agent Jack Anderson to bring down the Mafia family. Sarah was now in her second year of criminal law at the California State College. After working with the CIA Sarah had taken a year off school and laid low until the heat was off. Even now she occasionaly was paranoid that one of the Mafia members would find her. She had moved to a new state and had become a new person as now she was a saucy redhead.

Today she had worn a long, sexy, black skirt which had a slit that ran all the way up to mid-thigh. She had noticed the young man checking out her soft and smooth legs as soon as she had sat down. Since then her skirt had conveniently been brushed aside to fully reveal her left leg. Sarah placed her hand over her mouth as she yawned, trying not to show too much fatigue.

"Am I boring you Miss. Banks?" the prude English teacher asked. She didn't go on with the lesson, instead she waited for Sarah to respond. "You know you don't have to be here if you don't want to be. I think you know where the door is Sarah," she added.

"No it's ok Mrs. Bainbridge, I am just tired," Sarah responded in her defense.

Mrs. Bainbridge returned to the lesson, which consisted of her writing on the board for the whole 2 hour class. The students around her scrambled to copy everything down from the board, while Sarah had other things on her mind though. Her eyes returned to the hot stud sitting across from her. He was a little older than her, maybe 25 and was easy on the eyes. He had brown hair that was shaved short on the sides and a little longer on the top. His face was clean shaven except for the sideburns that Sarah found so attractive. His eyes had caught hers a couple times during the class and his were a deep blue. They reminded her of the ocean, because she felt like she was drowning in them. His body was equally impressive as he was a college football player. They hadn't been introduced yet as this was the first day of school and he had just enrolled.

Mrs. Bainbridge finally finished her lecture and put down her piece of chalk. "When you finish taking this note you are free to go," she said, "but remember to read pages 124 through 180 for next class."

Sarah was he first one to stand up from her desk. The cute guy was rushing to finish and he noticed her making her way to the exit. Immediately he closed his book and grabbed his backpack, not worrying about missing the last couple paragraphs of the lecture. He ran out of the classroom and stopped to look around. The hall was fairly empty and on his right he saw the beautiful redhead he had been checking out.

"Hey," he called.

She turned her head around to see him calling. Quickly he caught up to her.

"Hey, my name's Keith," he said.

"I'm Sarah..."

The stud smiled and as they continued to walk down the hall he responded, "Well nice to meet you Sarah."

"So is Mrs. Bainbridge always a bitch? Have you had her teach you in the past?" He asked.

"Yeah, I had her for a class last year and she was a total bitch. I think she just needs a good lay, I hear her husband is like this," she said holding up her little finger. Keith found this very funny and burst out laughing. Over his laughter Sarah heard Mrs. Bainbridge paging her back to the classroom. "Sarah Banks to room 102 please." The message repeated. The stud stopped laughing and looked at her.

"Are you going to go? Or would you like to go for a cup of coffee or something with me? I know this great little place and it's not too far away," he asked.

What does she do?

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