School Bully Busting

Low blows

Chapter 1

You’re doing what you always do best at at your high school... nothing. The class is a long half assed power point from a teacher who half asses her job. You decide to pass the time with all the things that are better than being here. Ah number one, being dead. That would be preferable over this.


All of the students stand up and begin moving as fast as they can to the door to be first in line for some shity cafeteria food. You take your time though and pack up your stuff to begin walking to the door.


You fall to the floor and the papers you had in hand fly everywhere. You look up to see the girl who pushed you. Abi, a tall skinny blonde with a attitude, stood glaring back at you. Saying Abi has an attitude is a understatement, she is a straight up bitch. She’s been suspended plenty of times for bullying and getting into fights. She busts balls and that’s just her thing, she has absolutely no remorse.

“Fucking little bitch...” she mutters as she starts to turn away.

What do you do?

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