SERVITUDE: The World of Legalized Slavery

When people can sign away their rights indefinitely, civilized society falls to pieces

Chapter 1 by MissHolvard MissHolvard

What began as a Supreme Court regarding the inability to escape bankruptcy soon led to debtor's prisons and the rapid expansion of contract law. With that, the stage was set for the wholesale return of forced and lifelong slavery, often by swindling, forgery, deception, and praying upon those to young or to stupid to understand how important it is to read the fine print.

This is the story of those that fight the system, that enforce the system, suffer through pitiable lives in the system, and more.

Eight years after the decision, the world began to acknowledge how terrible that decision damaged society, but it was too late. Corporations swooped in and built elaborate systems and technologies to enforce and enable the system, and activities and politicians that sought to end the system would find themselves dead in accidents, or enslaved "willingly". No target was more powerful than the force of the world's thousand strongest companies and tens of thousands of politicians that enabled predatory tactics.

Bondage unheard of and unimaginable by today's standards, technological advancements in control and drugs beyond what was thought possible, and institutions enforcing pure evil openly spread across the system in years. Now, in the year AS10, slavery seems like an inescapable fact of life, and the ruling class has accepted that it is rule by force or lose everything. Forced brothels, concubines, sex slave auctions, public nudity, and more have returned, and feel omnipresent to those that resist.

Who will this story follow, and when?

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