Roving Eye Syndrome

I see sexy people.

Chapter 1 by Sleepy7 Sleepy7

You stagger after lifting yourself up off the hard pavement. Your motorcycle was 25 yards away in a heap. You take off your helmet and notice a large crack down the back. Your ears continue to ring. You can only imagine what your head would feel like if you hadn't been wearing the now broken helmet.

A light catches your eye. As you look towards the light, a blonde with her hair in a tight bun and a light gray business jacket and a matching pencil skirt comes into focus. A long toned leg comes out of a newer model M series BMW. The light gets slightly brighter and seemingly your eye sight focuses in for a split second as you see her legs spreading to exit her vehicle. This gives you an incredible view up her skirt.

You shake your head as you thought you saw the color and pattern of the dark blue panty that barely covered her crotch. But she was too far for you to have picked out those details.

You sit down on the curb and tried to figure out how you ended up with a splitting headache and your bike in a heap.

**It was fuzzy, but you seem to recall driving on a nice summer day, perfect driving conditions, minding your own business. A yellow topless Jeep with no doors pulled up beside you, no maybe the Jeep was red... whatever the color, four babes were in the Jeep looking smoking hot. A cute brunette in a black tank top was driving, two blondes were in the back seat wearing a yellow sun dress and the other a tight gray t-shirt. The front passenger was a fiery red head with breasts that strained to stay inside her tight low cut top. The way the seat belt rested across the red heads chest told me she was not wearing a bra. That and the way her tits poked though the thin fabric. The driving breeze in the topless Jeep likely contributed to the fine diamond cutters on exhibition next to me. All four heads swiveled in your direction as you revved your engine at the stop light. They were four fine ladies alright. The revving had accomplished its intended purpose as seemingly all four of them gave you the down/up glance checking you out. The red head gave you a wink, one of the blondes the in the back blew a kiss in your direction, and the other blonde in the gray shirt lifted up her top. I could tell she was in great shape as she revealed two great mid-small sized breasts, probably Bs, covered by a black bra and she had nice abs. The brunette gave you the middle finger. As you looked up to check the stop light you heard the Jeep's tires chirp as they peeled off through the red light. Confident in the speed of your bike and not wanting to get a ticket, you calmly waited for the light to turn green. Catching up with the smoking redhead, the hot blondes, and that sexy bitch brunette were all you could think about. You were completely focused on the road ahead. You put the bike in gear and hammered the throttle as soon as the light turned green. Unexpectedly, someone else had hammered through the intersection on your left about to t-bone your ass. Luckily you were able swerve and miss the car. Unfortunately, you hit the curb, you bike went in one direction and you went in another... it all faded to black.**

A light distracts you again and you look up to see the business lady leaning over you. The soft light seemed to be coming from her blouse and fades as you look into it. An amazing set of deep cleavage hangs forward in your view. As you look up her lips are moving.

The ringing slowly fades to a females voice, "hey, are you okay?"

"I think so," you respond. You eyes wander down to her amazing cleavagy tits again.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" She inquired. She raised a hand in front of her, but her tits were the ONLY thing my eyes would focus on.

"Tits," was the first thing that stumbled out of my mouth.

"Pardon?" She said in a defensive tone.

"Two!" I corrected, "two."

"Good," she exclaimed.

This intersection was pretty far from the nearest town, but was necessary due to its proximity to the highway. Which is probably why she asked, "are you sure you're okay? I can call you an ambulance but it might take a while for it to get here."

Call an ambulance?

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