Roommate Seduction

Roommate Seduction

College freshman is seduced by her new roommate.

Chapter 1 by LezzyLucy LezzyLucy

Bzzzt.... Bzzzt.... Bzzzt.... sounded my phone signaling 8 A.M. on Sunday morning. Normally I'd be loathed to get up this early any day, on a weekend especially, but today was different. Today is going to be the best day of my life. Excitedly, I climbed out of bed, careful not to trip and fall flat on my face as I rushed over to my calendar hanging on the wall. I squealed with glee as I marked off today's date, August 18th, with a red sharpie. After 18 long years of waiting, I was finally going to college! For years I've been dreaming of this day when I could move out and be my own person. Nothing is going to ruin this day for me, not even the six hour drive out of state to get there, or the fact that I didn't know a single person there. Nope, I promised myself. Nothing is going to ruin today.

Taking care of the normal morning procedures, I happily went about my day freshening up in the bathroom across the hall from my now former bedroom. I was so excited, I almost forgot to do a dozen different things before I forced myself to stop and make a mental checklist of all the things that a normal human being has to take care of in the morning. First, actually going to the bathroom?

Check. I made a mental note. Next, brush teeth and floss?

Check. Yes I am that person who flosses every day. I like my teeth and want to keep them healthy, sue me. Shower?

Nope, absolutely must do that. Can't show up to the first day of the rest of your life smelling like yesterday.

I stepped out of a pair my more unflattering underwear that I would not be bringing with me and tossed them in the hamper. As I turned back around I stopped to take a peak at myself in the mirror. I always loved looking at myself even if I knew vanity wasn't the best trait to have. I wasn't exactly a supermodel but I was pretty with neck length blonde hair and a fit figure I'd earned from years of track and soccer. My tits were high B's but my ass was my favorite feature, round and soft making a little inverted heart. Giving myself a playful swat on the ass, I climbed in the shower. Deciding it would be better to take my time, I settled in for a long hot shower to make myself as perfectly clean as possible, and after one soap, body wash, shampoo, and shave later I was clean as a whistle and ready to start the day. Almost. Showering was always a vice of mine as it gave me an excuse to touch practically every inch of my body. Almost every time I shower, I end up a little riled up and feel the need to relieve myself and this time wasn't an exception. Most days I can just put it out of my mind and forget about it but today was not going to be an average day. With a six hour car ride ahead with nothing but my thoughts to entertain myself, I knew it would be better to deal with this situation now instead of letting it sit.

Okay, just a quickie, I thought to myself as I leaned against the shower wall and started teasing my pussy with my right and and playing with my tits with my left. Knowing I won't want to spend all day on this I started to pick up the pace and began sliding a finger into my snatch while keeping my thumb circling my clit. It wasn't hard to bring myself to a quick and roaring climax. It wasn't until I was already coming down from my orgasm that I realized I wasn't exactly being quiet about my little shower escapade. I felt my heart throb heavily in my chest until I remembered Mom goes into work early on Sundays so she can leave early and Dad was out of town on a business trip to New York. My heart slowed back down to normal as I realized it was only me and my cat Abigail in the house and I had a feeling she wouldn't rat on me. Finishing up in the shower as I washed the smell of sex off me and dried off. Wrapped in a towel, I stole another look at myself in the mirror and thought, Somebody is going to be lucky as fuck to get a piece of this someday.

Getting dressed from the outfit I'd laid out last night and packing up the last of my toiletries was easy enough and all I had left to do was make breakfast and be on my way. As I went downstairs I was greeted by a "Meow" from Abigail and knew she must be as hungry as I am. Walking up to the kitchen counter to make a bowl of cereal I found a note in my Mom's familiar handwriting.

"Melissa," it read, "I know how excited you are to fly the coup after all these years, but it couldn't be a moment too soon for your father and me. It seems like just yesterday we took you to your first soccer game. Anyway, I just want you to know how much we love you and are sorry we can't be there to drive you out or even see you off, but college's don't exactly pay for themselves, even with your fancy scholarship (congrats again!). Please don't forget to call all the time and keep us up to date with what you're doing. With all the love in the world, Mom & Dad." Below their names was a postscript reading, "Don't spend it all in one place". For a second I was a bit lost until I noticed a small amount of green paper sticking out from underneath the note. Picking it up, it was way more than I could have hoped it would have been. As I counted it out, it came up to.... $495? As grateful as I was, I was a bit thrown off by why it was such an oddly specific amount. It wasn't $500 or $450 but exactly $495. Slipping it into my wallet and then into my purse, another louder "Meow" woke me from my musings about the money.

"Alright, alright, I'm feeding ya," I said to Abigail as I set out to fetch her food from the top shelf. Just before I began pouring her food into the bowl, I was surprised by another note with a $5 bill attached to it. Picking it up I saw my mother's handwriting again, "I'll miss you too. Visit me often -- Abigail". My heart nearly burst from cuteness as I read the note. I made sure to give Abigail a bit of extra food this time, ya know to pay her back for the $5.

Finally, after everything was taken care of, I headed outside and locked up the front door. I lingered to take in my childhood home one more time before setting off in my tiny old car toward my future.

How does Melissa's drive to college go?

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