Revan fucks the Multiverse

Revan fucks the Multiverse

An immortal with near unlimited powers on his way through different universes and different cunts.

Chapter 1 by Revan Revan

Revan's voyage to pussy

First part of this story is a normal guy falling in the Star Wars universe. He finds normality and the Force to get his fun. Sex with aliens, between aliens and such. Many fetishes like all-the-way-through are somewhere in here.

Second comes the world of Charmed with the beautiful sisters and all the female demons and gods. Magical control and games are in this one. Heavy on multiple partners.

Third installment is a story I started just for fun. He starts as a normal young man fucking his family and works wherever his steps take him. Just as I like it is strong on incest, dominance, blackmail and impregnation.

Fourth comes the Harry Potter universe. Revan comes there and rescues a small boy from a doorstep. From there, he takes names and pussies. Less forceful than the other stories. But still magical control.

Other stories (or story)

There is another story outside of this line that I started in Game Monsters but Critter(Rat) is on hiatus. The last time I uploaded chapters it took two weeks until they were published and I lost fun with it. I will possibly restart it some day but for the foreseeable future I have more than enough ideas.

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