Revan fucks the Multiverse

Revan fucks the Multiverse

An immortal with near unlimited powers on his way through different universes and different cunts.

Chapter 1 by Revan Revan

Revan's voyage to pussy

Important Notice: On my vacation just now, I found out that I lost some of my fun at writing ever since posting what I created, because I always thought about what would be good for the readers. Something I never did in the years before. I wrote a story just as it came to my mind once again and can tell, that it does far more to relax me than what I did in the last months. As a consequence, I will not post anymore in the foreseeable future and go back to write just to relax without self-inflicted pressure that it needs to get likes and such. Effect immediate, all my stories are on hiatus. My girlfriend will be the only one getting my stories from now. As it was in the beginning.

First part of this story is a normal guy falling in the Star Wars universe. He finds normality and the Force to get his fun. Sex with aliens, between aliens and such. Many fetishes like all-the-way-through are somewhere in here. (This part is finished as of the 26.11.2017) New and 46 chapters longer ending up. (30.04.2018)

Second comes the world of Charmed with the beautiful sisters and all the female demons and gods. Magical control and games are in this one. Heavy on multiple partners. (Last Chapter: Searching for the right cunt.)

Third installment is a story I started just for fun. He starts as a normal young man fucking his family and works wherever his steps take him. Just as I like it is strong on incest, dominance, blackmail and impregnation. (Last Chapter: That … is brilliant.)

Fourth comes the Harry Potter universe. Revan comes there and rescues a small boy from a doorstep. From there, he takes names and pussies. Less forceful than the other stories. But still magical control. (Last Chapter: Feeling the darkness.)

Fifth installment in the story of Revan. I wanted something Sci-Fi again after finishing Star Wars. To get something in space, I decided to take the other really big franchise, Star Trek. Revan meets the Borg on an unplanned entry in a universe and everything spirals out of control for him as always. I will sent him to Deep Space Nine first and most likely to Voyager later on. Many hot chicks for him to taste. And taste he will. (Last Chapter: How to free a planet. - 2369)

Other stories (or story)

There is another story outside of this line that I started in Game Monsters but Critter(Rat) is on hiatus. The last time I uploaded chapters it took two weeks until they were published and I lost fun with it. I will possibly restart it some day but for the foreseeable future I have more than enough ideas.

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