Raised by Aunt Andrea

Raised by Aunt Andrea

An ENF/Spanking Story

Chapter 1 by ittybittyht ittybittyht

Mary Hopkins always lived a spoiled rich life. Her parents would give her everything she wanted, they'd never tell her no, and there was never a worry in her life. Mary started padding her bras and living a fake rich life when she was a teen and by 19 she was arrested for vandalism and shoplifting and sent to jail. Mary currently is unable to live on her own with all her money gone, her parents leaving the country during her jail time, and cutting off her funding completely. Mary stands at 4'11" but wears heels and raised shoes to make her 5'2" - 5'3" her chest is secretly flat, but she pads herself as much as possible using silicone padding and stuffing to shape her breasts into a c cup. Because of this, Mary is also super pale with her skin barely seeing any sun at all.

Mary has been sent to Aunt Andrea's house her next immediate relative so that she doesn't have to live on the streets which would have been her other option. Aunt Andrea was always much stricter with her children and Mary knows this. She often witnessed her cousins being disciplined and made fun of them for it. She would brag that she'd never been spanked a day in her life.

Now... that's soon to change with her cousins all grown up, and Mary moving into her aunt's house. What humiliation and discipline will Mary face? Well that... that's up to you... but first, let's choose a beginning. Where does this whole story begin?

Choose a beginning.

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