Protect Your Wife/Girlfriend!

Protect Your Wife/Girlfriend!

Can you keep her to yourself? Or will she be knocked up with a strangers baby! Play as the girl or man!

Chapter 1 by sammythewizard sammythewizard

Let’s choose who you want to play as (or play with) you will have 2, maybe 3 options depending if I want to throw in a horny brother or seductive best friend into the mix.

Sarah is a young, 23 year old blonde girl. She has deep blue eyes, plump, round butt, a beautiful rack that gets everyone’s attention, and a certain naivete that is probably the reason Ethan has to protect her from the perverts!

Ethan is a young 28 year old tan man. He has black hair, brown eyes, a semi muscular build, not enough to be in a body building competition, but enough to intimidate someone. He has a average size cock and always has an eye on his girl.

So. Who will you play as?

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