Piss slave

Learning an important lesson

Chapter 1 by postwiz_42 postwiz_42

Lexi made sure she got up three hours early to ensure that when the master awoke he would see her kneeling naked at the foot of his bed waiting for the inevitable punishment that she would recive for her failure to please one of the men at last nights orgy. By the time her beloved master started to shift her muscles were screaming and her knees aching from holding the submissive position but it would please her master so it would be worth the effort when he woke and saw her ready to accept punisment.

The Master upon waking looks at lexi with a sour expression "I see you are ready to be punished for being so worthless last night"

Without looking up Lexi calmly answers "Of course master my failure was unexusable and I am ready for your correction"

With a sniff of derision the Master climbs out of bed and attaches the leash to Lexi's tight collar and leads her outside for a walk to the near by gas station stopping when they enter the large public bathroom several girls already tied to the long wall of urinals causing a bit of trepidation to rise in Lexi but her Master knows what is best for her so she will do his will as he leads her to one of the free urinals and ties the leash to it.

Looking down at Lexi "As punishment for your failure last night you will be expected to swallow all the piss given to you today by anyone who comes in and you will thank them for it, non compliance on this task will result in a week of this so be warned"

Meekly looking up for the first time this morning "Yes Master I will not fail you again every drop of piss will be swallowed you can count on me your trusting slave to follow your orders"

"Good then you will start with me" Stated the Master as he pulls out his dick and places it directly in front of Her mouth.

Lexi without hesitation positioned herself in a way to ensure no spillage and in seconds was drinking a steady stream of her masters piss gulping it down as fast as it comes until with a grunt of finality her master pulls her head away

"Don't forget you are to drink anyones piss who demands it untill I get back and they will mark completion or non compliance on this chalk board so I will know if you have been a disobedient bitch or not"

With out a second look back her master leaves the bathroom leaving Lexi to ponder when exactly he would return as the door swings open and someone walks in.

What's next?

More fun
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