Peril: The Fall

Peril: The Fall

A gestalt being known as the Unknown appeared in the multiverse, disrupting the space time continuum and all manner of super powers everywhere. One by one, heroes, heroines and villains alike fall under its immense power.

Chapter 1 by Robopoop Robopoop

One fateful day, an unbelievably powerful force came to the solar system. Invisible to most human technology and super power senses, it hid in the dark side of the moon, remaining completely undetected when it arrived. Unlike any other sinister force that the known universe has ever faced, this hidden threat would become the undoing of Earth's greatest heroes, heroines and villains. Its psychic reach expanded across the globe, stealthily affecting technology, flesh and minds alike. No one was safe from its sight and its unlimited power.

Its objectives and motivations were a mystery. It had shown no intention to conquer Earth or any other realm, but its goal was clear: to pull the world's superheroes and super villains down onto their knees, to reduce them all to mere shadows of their former selves. When it first arrived, it looked for the best way to do this. Death was too obvious, too simple. It needed something that lasted and invoked true despair. For weeks, it searched for the perfect medium for its plans. When it dove into the Earth's primitive communications networks, it found it. A very simple concept that was the basest instinct for all humanoid beings in the universe.

Author's Note: This is a thread focusing mostly on the Marvel and DC multiverses with a superheroines in peril theme. Just about anything is allowed as long as you stick to this theme.

Whose story do you follow?

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