Ovyah Discovered

Ovyah Discovered

The Wonderful Tale of the Erotic Lamp

Chapter 1 by Rubicon Rubicon

Once, long long ago, deep within the depths of the omniverse... there was a world of magic and mystery, of ancient power and savage will, where powerful warriors fought and wily sorcerers plied their trade.

This world had many kingdoms, some held by force of arms or force of will, others by ancient traditions or bureaucracies. One of these kingdoms was known for having a Potentate who had many children, mostly girls, all known for their wit, their grace, their beauty, and -- it was whispered -- their appetites.

One of these princesses was married in an arranged marriage for political advantage. Her name was Ovyah, and she was said to be among the cleverest, the most passionate, and the strongest willed of the Potentate's children. Sadly, her marriage was dull and loveless, with little of the passion she craved. So, being unwilling to endure such existence... Ovyah strayed, finding the indulgence she so wanted.

Her husband discovered her infidelities, and both to punish her and ensure her loyalty enacted a terrible rite, destroying the princess as she existed and remaking her into a pure Djinn of Lust. Now she would serve a single master all his days, obeying his every desire and being capable of any wish that involved lust or desire, then consigning her to a lamp after her master's death until the next time she was found and released.

What her former husband and new master didn't realize was how liberating and wonderful Ovyah would find her new life... and how much she would push him to challenge and enjoy her, ironically giving her the things she had most wanted before even as he indulged himself with her.

After his death, the lamp fell into legend... appearing in almost any universe, in any time, in any world... in any story. And each time, the lamp was found... polished, as a djinn lamp should be... and the spirit of the lamp was released and incarnated into Ovyah, remade to match the personality and appearance her new master most would desire... capable of almost any act so long as it was related to sexuality... and utterly loyal to her master...

Of course, Ovyah can't demand anything of her master... but is amazingly good at goading even a reluctant master into using her abilities... and of course, when a master releases her from the wonderful lamp of legend... there is no putting her back until the master dies...

(Originally based upon "The Wonder Full Tale of the Erotic Lamp" by OmegaJay. Picture credit to Genzoman.)

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Who Finds the Lamp and Recreates Ovyah to their specifications?

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