One Woman Army

One Woman Army

A Ball-Busting Tale of Female Domination

Chapter 1 by spiralqq spiralqq

It had been a rough few weeks for the aspiring adult model Annie Fiori. Women in her industry were disappearing, seemingly at random, at an alarming rate. Investigations into these disappearances were going nowhere, and it was truly a dangerous time for female sex workers. Between the disappearances, the shitty pay, and a ton of arguments with her boyfriend Tristan over her "man hating attitude", Annie had almost reached her breaking point. Tristan was an asshole, but he had a great body and a huge package so the sex more than made up for it. She couldn't just get rid of him! But she knew the perfect way to relieve her pent up frustrations. As though she had done it a million times before, Annie got changed into a pristine lacy black one-piece and admired herself in her bedroom mirror. The outfit was tight, and barely enough to cover her perfect tits and toned ass. She completed her look with a pair of six inch stilettos, which she was surprisingly agile in due to vigorous dance and runway training. It was time to have a bit of fun. She had been doing this for years. Prowling the streets in her black one-piece waiting to come across petty criminals to teach them a violent lesson was something she'd become quite accustomed to. It was as though she did as a hobby, rather than out of moral obligation. Downing a quick Red Bull & Vodka, she set off into the night to serve a little vigilante justice.

But tonight was not going to be like any other.

Annie was aware of the recent disappearances of her colleagues. She also knew this would continue to happen until someone put an end to it. She decided that tonight, she was going to catch them in the act. She had heard from an old friend, Nina Summers, that she had seen several intimidating men eyeing her up on her way to work a few days ago. Annie knew this couldn't just be a coincidence, and immediately headed outside the bar Nina would often visit after work. Looking inside, she was incredibly relieved to see Nina alive and well, chatting with a well built young man whose face she couldn't quite make out. It wasn't until he turned around that she realised Nina was flirting with Tristan, her sleazy boyfriend.

"God, you always were a slut", Annie thought to herself. "You two deserve each other."

Pissed off and about to leave, Annie looked over her shoulder one last time, and saw something absolutely shocking. Tristan had dropped something in Nina's drink while she wasn't looking, and made a knowing glance to another group of men across the bar. This was something serious. In fact, this was probably about to lead to another woman's kidnapping! Trying not to be seen, Annie hid behind some bushes in the bar's parking lot and waited for the group to head outside.

It was only a matter of minutes before Tristan walked out of the bar, alongside Nina, who was barely conscious at this point. Closely behind, the men Tristan had glanced at followed them to the parking lot, which was dimly lit and practically empty apart from the ominous black sedan parked near the back. Nina soon caught on to what was going on, and began to run, but she was vastly outnumbered and could do nothing to defend herself from the strong group of men trying to subdue her.

Annie knew this was now or never...

What will Annie do?

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