No More Innocent Wife

Wife Turns into a slut.

Chapter 1 by xande1092 xande1092

I’ll start with a little background. The main character is Ashley, a normal housewife. She has been married for years. Ashley and her husband, Alex, are high school sweethearts, and the only people they have ever had sex with. There sex life is good, both are very adventurous in to the bedroom.

Alex is a department manager for a chain of stores. So he is often working, leaving Ashley at home by herself most days.

Ashley usually spends most of her time hanging out with her bff, Caitlin. They met in high school and have been friends ever since. Caitlin dated Alex for a while in high school, they never got serious. When they hung out they would usually talk about the latest guy that Caitlin hooked up with. Caitlin liked giving Ashley every detail.

Ashley has recently started growing jealous of Caitlin’s free sex life. She loved Alex, but he had his faults. Oh well, she would never cheat on him...or would she?

Where to start?

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