Netflix and chill

Netflix and chill

but in a very different way.

Chapter 1 by Caelum83 Caelum83

It’s a rainy evening. You have come home from work a while ago, taken a warm shower and made yourself supper while you were dressed in your most relaxed chillout gear. You took your plate to the couch, grabbed the remote and dropped backwards into the soft cushions and then put on Netflix to watch your favorite show. But the only thing you get to see was a black screen. Then your tv returned you to the app screen. Strange. Nevermind, you tried again. After 30 seconds of black screen you once again are back at your tv’s app screen. You checked your phone for any signs of problems at Netflix or maybe your tv, but there seemed to be no problems. You try again. This time you saw the N appearing, though it didn’t seem move at all. As you watched the screen intensely, slowly you noticed something about the N was off, as the red color of it started to vary, with darker red coloring started to appear. The darker red spot looked like as if it moving in a natural motion instead of just random static.

You put your plate down on the table and lean forward focusing intensely on the dark red spot, when suddenly an eye turned up from the left, too perfect to be artificially created. Then without a sign the Netflix sound blasted over the speakers of your tv as if the volume was turned up to 11, giving you almost a heart attack as you jumped up from the couch. Then the normal start screen showed up.

Still shaken up, you started to browse to the serie you wanted to watch, before you notices something was off. Lots of series and movies were put in different categories, names of actors were blurred out, in the video previews actors and actresses were missing. What the hell was wrong? You tried to quit Netflix to reset it, but the remote didn’t seem to respond. Then you tried set the tv on standby via remote, which didn’t do anything either. Getting slightly freaked and irritated, you walked up to the tv to find the off switch behind the tv. Just as your head got close to the tv when making the motion to reach for the off button, a powerful force pulled you towards the screen.

When you got by, you found yourself in a pitch black place sitting in something that resembled water. “Hello?” you yelled. “anybody there?”. You stood up, which took some effort as your body felt very disorientated. “What happened to me?” you thought out loud. “What is this place? Well John, you are not in Kansas anymore.” you said to yourself, grinning about your own joke. “You are from Kansas?” a voice asked you from behind your back, making you jump up at least 2 inch. You turned around lightning fast and saw a young girl standing there, in ragged clothes, with trimmed hair and a stoic face. “Who are you?” you asked with a slight vibration in your voice remnant of what just happened. And as you asked the question, the answer came to you.

The girl saw that too on your face. “You know already. But I don’t know you. Who are you?” she said. “I’m John. You are Eleven, aren’t you?” you replied. The girl nodded. “From which universe are you?” she continued. “Universe?” you asked, “How do you mean?”. Eleven took a moment and then said “Hmmm, maybe you don’t. Could you be….from the Outside?”. “The Outside?” you repeated. Eleven nodded slowly whilst in her own thought “You must be. Maybe that’s the key to set everything straight.”. You just stood there trying to make sense of it all when Eleven suddenly grabbed your hand and pulled you with her with more power than you’d imagine a girl her size could have.

“You must come with me. You might be able to set things right you might be the key. It’s probably the only way.” she said while she rushed through the blackness. “Wait, Eleven, what do you mean? What it going on? What is this place?” you yelled while helplessly getting pulled by the girl. “Someone or something has broken through what was first thought of as unbreakable and nonexistent.” Eleven said while she kept moving, not looking back. “Now all the universes are in disarray, barriers between them shattered, worlds plunged in chaos. Some tried to fix it, none succeeded. Maybe one from the Outside can do what others couldn’t.” Eleven said and the abruptly stopped, “You will help us, right, John?Make everything as it was again?”.

You looked at her desperate eyes and said “I don’t know what is happening and even if I wanted to help, I don’t know where to start.”. Eleven nodded, understanding where you came from. “This is a hub I created to give me something to relate to. A place where you can travel between all the universes that had their boundaries broken. We need to set the stories straight to be able to restore the boundaries of the universes. Up till now I have found two problems. People from one universe have traveled to another, keeping the boundaries from mending themselves is one. The other is whatever has broken through the boundaries is abducting people from different universes, leading to the same problem.” the girl explained.

You listened carefully and replied “Sounds like one hell of an assignment. Are we the only two that are working towards the goal of restoring universes?”. Eleven shook her head “There are others from different universes, but couldn’t or gave up. But something tells me that with you, it’s going to be different, be better. And my feeling is mostly right.”. You smiled and pulled op your shoulders “Ok, so where do we start?”.

Let's start with: are you a man or a woman?

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