My Step-mom Millie

My Step-mom Millie

Spending a few days alone in a cabin with my busty step-mom

Chapter 1 by rumppumper rumppumper

"Matt!" I hear someone shout from the crowd of people waiting at the exit to the airport. I look towards the direction of the sound, and I see a blonde woman in her mid-40s, short hair, and in a tight white top smiling at me and waving, and I recognise my step-mom Millie Smith.

I smile back and wave, and walk towards her, pushing my luggage cart in front of me until I reach where she is standing. She runs up to me and gives me a hug, and as she is pressing into me, I realise that she has enormous tits, much bigger than I remembered, but then it has been a long time since I last saw her, or maybe my dad has given her another boob job recently?

I smile and think that I have always known my dad was into big tits, but this, wow! By the way, where is he? I start to wonder.

Millie breaks away from the hug, and helps me push the luggage cart towards the exit. She seems to be in a bubbly mood, talking about how great it is to see me again, how I look so grown up, and how excited her and my dad are that I will be spending my summer with them.

I smile and nod, inputting the occasional comment where it seems appropriate, and think that this was hardly my decision, but that my mom had grown tired of her 18 year old son deciding to spend his last summer before college drinking beer, partying, and chasing girls and doing nothing productive so had sent him to spend the summer with his dad up in the mountains.

I lived with my dad and Millie quite a lot when I was in my early teens, but after they moved out West I have not seen either of them very much. My dad always has been a notorious womaniser, so was surprised when he called me from Hawaii to tell me he had gotten married again, for the fourth time, but I remember seeing the big tits (they were big back then as well, just not this big) on this Millie Smith woman I knew what was going on, even when I was that young.

We reach the car, and there is still no sign of my dad, so I begin to wonder a bit. I suppose Millie is able to tell I am wondering about this, so she says:

"You're dad is away on business for two days, so he is coming back the day after tomorrow."

When she sees the surprise on my face she grabs my arm and says:

"He did not tell you, did he? How typical of him to forget!"

I brave a bit of a smile, and together with Millie we load my bags into the car, and drive towards the highway.

"You're dad will be back in a few days, and not to worry, I will take care of you while he is away."

I glance at her big tits through the corner of my eye, thinking I know exactly how I would like you to take care of me, but out loud I say:

"Will be great to see the cabin, dad really raves about it."

What's next?

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