My Sister Has A Crush On Me

My Sister Has A Crush On Me

My Sister Has A Crush On Me

Chapter 1 by Theninjagamer308 Theninjagamer308

I had to go to School, and my Big Sister who had been my legal Guardian since my Mom and Dad died My Sister name was Laura, and mine was Roy. She then asked for a hug before I had to go to school, of course sis I say.

Ok I say as I give her a hug, she pushed her tits into my chest. I even think I saw a nip slip, I then quickly look away. Then my Sister breaks the hug, and I go to school thinking nothing of it. I then think about this all day while I’m at school. I kept thinking to myself why is my Sister doing this to me.

I then come home to find my Big Sister masturbating on the coach. Sis I scream out what the fuck. “Oh hey handsome” she said and walked up to me. She then pushed me against the wall, and then stripped me of all of my clothes. She then also took all of her clothes off as well.

Sis what the hell are you doing? “I’m taking what I’ve wanted for years now” she said. “wait what no I this is so wrong I reply” as My Sister then pushes me on the couch, she then mounts me in a way so I can’t move. She then starts to ride me Reverse Cowgirl Style. Sis this is so wrong for one we’re related, and for another I really don’t want to cheat on my girlfriend.

“Oh are you talking about that bitch Sara,” what you don’t like her I ask confused? Nope she’s such a bitch, she says as she starts to bounce up and down on my cock.

“So Roy tell me has your girlfriend ever fucked you like this,” no I say but she still loves me. “If she really loved you she’d do this she said,” and she started bouncing harder and faster. I try to move but can’t because she had me pinned down, she then started going even faster and harder.

“Please I beg please stop please Laura” I beg, she just ignored me and kept fucking me faster and harder. “Please sis I don’t want to cheat on Sara I say In between Moans.” “I don’t give a shit about Sara, now just shut up and enjoy.” She then continues to fuck me, she then increased her speed so much it’s like she was a women possessed.

“Fucking hell sis please stop I beg,” she just smirks and continues to fuck my brains out. I was also about to climax but I didn’t want to cum, I didn’t want my Sister of all people to make me cum. I especially didn’t want to cheat on Sara, but my Sister was my level Gaurdian what could I really do to stop her.

I’m cumming I’m cumming I say. “good cum for your big sis she said, I then cum in my sister’s tight pussy.” She then comes shortly after I do, she then let’s out one final moan. Your so bad sis I say, “yeah I am and you have to do anything I tell you since I’m your legal guardian.” she said smirking.

I guess I say hoping that Sara would never find out about this, “come on bro break up with Sara because I’m way better she says.” She then starts to give me puppy dog eyes, fine I say I’ll do it tomorrow I say as I finally give in.

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