My New Family's Secret

A guy finds out that his new stepmother and stepsisters have some alarming secrets.

Chapter 1 by poison ink poison ink

"John, you need to come home," my stepmother said slowly over the phone.

I rubbed my eyes as I rolled over in the bed and looked at my alarm clock. 3:47 shone in bright red in the darkness as I tried to comprehend what I was hearing through the haze of sleepiness. "Wha... Why? Why are you calling me right now?"

"It's..." She paused for a moment and then she finally said the words. "It's your father, John. He's dead."


My stepmother explained to me that my father had a heart attack earlier that night and by the time the ambulance had gotten to him, he was too far gone. There was a wake and funeral planned for later in the week and she very much wanted me to be there for them both.

I made arrangements the next day with the college, informing them that I would be taking a leave from my classes for a while to deal with my loss. I also called my girlfriend to let her know that I would be coming home as well. (She was a year younger than me and still in highschool in my hometown.) I had a day's drive ahead of me, and if I wanted to make it home in time for the funeral, I had to leave right away.

The last time I had been home was several months ago for my father's wedding to my new stepmother. I'd been to busy with classes to return home since and to tell the truth, I wasn't completely comfortable with the thought of my new stepmother and her three daughters moving into my family's home. Not that they weren't nice enough people, but it was just a change I hadn't adjusted myself to yet. And now my dad was gone, leaving me alone in my home with four women I barely knew.

First, there was my stepmother, Candice. I had no doubts about what my father saw in her. She was the definition of the word MILF. She had long blonde hair, a tight body and a huge pair of breasts, each almost the size of her head. She was smart, too. Candice was a lawyer and was a partner in a successful law firm. She's always been friendly too me, but I've never really grown close to her.

Her oldest daughter was Ruby and she was the black sheep of the family. She was 21, two years older than me, and from what my dad had told me, sometimes she stayed at the house and sometimes she would be off for weeks, not telling anyone where she had gone. Ruby was a tattoo artist by trade and she looked the part. Her hair had a tomboyish cut to it. It was dyed black except for a streak of purple that she let hang over her eyes. She had numerous peircings and from what little I'd seen of her, even more tats. Her right arm had a sleeve tattoo of a tangle of thorny vines ending in a black rose just below her elbow. I'd only met her once and had gotten a very aloof vibe from her. Her breast were an ample d-cup, but nowhere near her mother's size.

The middle daughter was Amber and she was my age. She definitely took after her mother in the looks department and her blonde hair and voluptuous body served her well as a highschool cheerleader. Her mothers brains however had skipped her and as a result, she had been held back a grade in school. She was in the same grade as her younger sister and my girlfriend when she should have graduated last year with me. Amber is very bubbly and friendly but as I said, she can be the stereo-typical ditzy blond at times.

The youngest daughter, Jade was the one who got her mother's brains and she was also a bit of a mystery to me. Jade's father must have been Asian because she had the facial features, build and hair of a Japanese school girl. At first, I had assumed she was adopted but my father had told me that all three girls were Candice's real daughters. Jade was shy and bookish but she had a natural beauty that caught all the boys attention at school from what my girlfriend had told me.

Now, these women were my family, for better or for worse....

What happens next?

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