My Mom Has A Crush On Me

My Mom Has A Crush On Me

My Mom Has a crush on me

Chapter 1 by Theninjagamer308 Theninjagamer308

I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone, when all of a sudden I see my Mom walk in the room.

As I’m talking to my girlfriend, my Mom sits on the coach with me, she then unzips my pants.

I then say um into the phone becaue I’m so shocked, “is everything alright” my girlfriend named Laura asked?

Yes I say everything’s fine so how’s work going, my Mom then takes my underwear off.

My Mom then starts to stroke my cock, and I try to pull away from her tight grip. She then laughs at me, and then starts to stroke even faster.

I then let out a tiny moan, “baby are you alright” she asks real concerned? My Mom then rolls her eyes at his remark, she then starts to suck my dick.

Hey baby I gotta go I say I got a lot of homework to do I lied, “oh okay baby y’all to you later lover you,” love you I say back as I hang up.

Mom I say what the fuck I say, I’ve wanted this cock forever son she says as she starts to deep throat my cock.

Mom please stop this right now I beg, no she said as she starts to suck even faster and harder.

I’m cumming I’m cuming I say, that’s a good boy cum in you Mommy’s mouth you naughty boy.

I then cum in her mouth, and my Mom then swollows my load I’m her mouth. Mom why did you do that I ask confused?

“Oh well let’s see I’m your mother she says grinning, and I’ll do what ever the fuck I want to you.”

I have a girlfriend Mom I say, oh is that right she says knowing full well I had one. I’ve never liked her anyway son, I’m way better than her anyway.

“I mean just look at me” she said as she did a 360 twirl, I guess I say as I give into my Mother.

She then said give your Mommy a hug, fine I say and I give her a hug. As I do she pushes her DD tits into my chest, “now go to your room dinner will be ready soon” she said.

I then go to my room, little did I know what was really for dinner that night.

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