Mother's Milk

Mother's Milk

A story of thirst and maternal love.

Chapter 1 by elmer7780 elmer7780


Jason, being an only child, was extremely fond of his mother. Just as an example, he had grown used to calling her 'mommy' while calling his father simply 'dad'. Isabelle, being a housewife and stay-at-home mother, did everything she could to help Jason with his studies when he was young until it appeared he could handle himself alone. For years, the distance between him and his mother remained closer than most mothers and sons.

Part of spoiling and closeness was due to Isabelle breastfeeding him for an extended period of time until he reached 2 years of age. Since then, Jason had remained attached to her and it wasn't until he reached 14 that he started to desire her. It occurred when he accidentally caught sight of her within her bedroom of her using the breast pump to relieve her swollen breasts. To this day, Jason was ashamed to say that he had peeped at her many times and she still hadn't stopped lactating. Every year her breasts seemed to grow a cup larger and every year, it was harder to ignore it. It didn't help that when his father was home, they actively had sex and sometimes Jason had to bear it as he pretended to "sleep" as the moans echoed through the night.

Most teens grow further away from their mothers, but Jason seemed to grow closer to her. Isabelle never once denied him a hug and Jason had always used that as an advantage to hug her for long periods at a time, feeling her enormous breasts on his chest. Unfortunately, it never went beyond indirect touching and kisses on the cheek. Now, Jason wants to use his time at home to actively become closer to his mother than what was normally allowed. That meant that he had to ease her into becoming more accepting and comfortable around him.


Jason wakes up, his mind racing as he nearly was about to create an accident. It doesn't happen a lot, but it's certainly becoming more frequent to dream about his mother, Isabelle. Sometimes, the dreams were comforting such as imaging his mother brushing through his hair as he lies down on her lap in a cliche 'green hill with mountains' scene. Other times, it was more heart-pounding where Jason would be breastfed and eventually, he couldn't help but become more greedy resulting in...

Jason places a hand to his crotch and winces. He nearly was about to make a mess again with his imagination there, but it's a good thing he's able to come to his senses in time. Still, he has a rock-as-hard cock that definitely needs relief.

Sighing, Jason steps out of his bed and walks into the bathroom to 'freshen up'

After brushing his teeth and performing 'business', he smiles a little. Today is his first day free of school. Now, he has some nice relaxation time before he would move out of his home and into college. Between this time, he made a pledge to himself that he and his mother would grow even more comfortable together than normally. He isn't sure if that means crossing in the line of taboo, nor did he care anymore. He needs her.

In a way, he's already spoiled by her. What he wants, more than ever, is to increase that spoiling. It's certainly selfish, but he knows that his dreams of maternal love will not stop and could only increase in intensity, possibly driving him insane.

Exiting out of his room and into the kitchen, he sees his father in his business suit with a finished plate of breakfast and a half-drunk mug of coffee. He's reading the local newspaper as he always does.

His mother is at the stove, preparing more breakfast.

"Good morning," Jason calls, bringing awareness to his presence.

His father grins as he brings his newspaper down. "Good morning, son! It must feel good to finally be finished with everything, huh?"

Jason gives a short laugh. "Well, not completely..."

His father understands his son is talking about the college he got accepted into. Nodding, he holds up a mug in a toast to him.

"Well, enjoy this year as much as you can, you've earned it."

Isabella chimes in having finished making her son's plate of breakfast. "He's worked very hard. We'll have to begin his graduation party soon."

Setting Jason's plate on the table, across from his father, Jason sits down and nods towards his mother.

"Thanks, mommy."

Isabelle gives a warm smile. "No problem, baby."

The obvious affection doesn't faze George as he's gotten used to hearing his son call his mother such an endearing term since he was little. Taking a moment to smile before sighing, he's reminded of other business he'll have to attend to first.

"Unfortunately, it'll have to happen after my trip to China," he notes.

Jason doesn't say anything and nods. He knows his father had another business trip where he would be gone for two months. It's the norm for Jason and he isn't particularly keen on a graduation party anyways.

"When are you leaving?" Jason asks, knowing he had asked it many times but keeps forgetting.

His father gives a painful smile. "Well, tomorrow actually. I got word from my boss that I would have to catch a plane early since apparently, there are some key issues that need to be sorted out this month."

Isabelle frowns as she joins the table. "Really? So soon, honey?"

Jason's father sighs and scratches the back of his head. "Well, I have to do what needs to be done. I'll try to see if I can come home early though, but I can't make any promises."

There was never an assurance as far as Jason has observed. Sometimes, his father does surprise him and his mother, but most of the time, it isn't possible to come early or cancel. Despite him traveling a lot, he's earning a lot of income. The house is already paid off and as far as Jason knows, his tuition is secured.

Of course, Jason is grateful to his father, but he's ashamed a little as he enjoys the alone time with his mother. Around his father, he can't afford to show that he's too attached to Isabelle. It's a lot more relieving when he finds he can be around her as much as possible.

Getting up from the table with the sound of his chair scooting backward, George looks at his watch on his wrist and hums, annoyed.

"Well, time for me to leave," he declares before looking at his son proudly, "...even though you're free, try to do something more productive with your free time. Maybe you can help your mother out more now."

Jason nods. "I will, dad."

His father smiles, satisfied by the answer and then turns to his wife. Isabelle leans forward and gives her husband a quick peck on the lips before waving goodbye.

With that, George left the house leaving Jason and Isabelle alone. Jason sighs and stares at his plate before digging in. He can't help but slowly smile when he thinks of the amount of time alone he's given with his mother.

After he was finished with his breakfast plate, he washes it up and sticks into the dishwasher for further cleaning. His mother had already finished before him and was cleaning up the kitchen a bit.

"Hey mommy, can I get a hug?" Jason asks.

Isabelle stops and raises an eyebrow, chuckling. "Sweetie, you don't have to ask. Come here."

It's a very common act between Jason and his mother. A lot of sons hug their mother as well, but probably not as often as Jason does. Of course, when he was little, he did it out of sheer attachment. Now, it was partly that but also because of a certain weight against his chest he's addicted to feeling.

With her arms up, Jason embraces Isabelle, wrapping his arms around his mother's back and locking him against her. Isabelle likewise des the same but more gently. She hums in delight, snuggling her head against her son's shoulder.

Likewise, Jason can only sigh as he lies his head on his mother's shoulder as well. He feels her breasts pushing up against his chest oh so blissfully. He makes sure to not hug her too tightly but tight enough that it's pleasant for her as well.

"Mmh...sweetie, you are so wonderful with your hugs," she whispers, snuggling a little more causing her huge breasts to jiggle pleasantly against his chest.

Jason holds off a groan and instead breathes out steadily. He decides to sway a little and as a result, her breasts jiggles more against his chest. His cock quivers as he focused more on his mother's perfect breasts rubbing against him.

It seemed like time flies quickly since it was already a minute before Jason figured he should stop before he explodes. He never "exploded" during a hug, nor does he want to, but with the right mindset and imagination, his cock could pump by itself no problem.

"Thank you, baby," she smiles, " then, I need to clean up the kitchen a bit. Do you have any plans?"

Jason's mouth quivers. He needed to go to the bathroom soon but knows that it was better to answer her quickly.

Any plans?

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